Gone are the days when degrees in medicine and engineering were considered to be the only options for a successful future. Today, students are opting for more conventional courses and specializations and architecture has emerged as one of the more popular and lucrative career choices. Many bright young minds, displaying a flair for technology, science and creativity, are opting for this profession, with the vision to make significant contributions towards the society through sustainable constructions, energy efficient buildings and strategic city planning.

Why is it such a popular career choice?

According to experts in the industry, studying architecture provides students with ‘the opportunity to utilize education and expertise to contribute to the culture and narrative of any era’. Other highlights this career promises to provide include:

  • A sea of opportunities: Architecture as a discipline provides several potential career paths. Young professionals have the opportunity to pursue various specializations such as residential/ commercial architecture, landscape design, conservation and restoration architecture, urban planning, technical architecture and sustainable industrial design. The prospects are infinite, simultaneously facilitating the professionals to hone new skills along the journey.
  • Conversion of art to reality: Every profession yields a sense of satisfaction and the unique profession of architectures creates a visible and tangible landmark for the world to see and appreciate. For example, a life-changing building of your dreams comes true as you execute it with design, precision and exactness of mathematics. Could anything be more fulfilling? For top architects, the profession is a calling and not a job!
  • Versatile profession: Architecture is a versatile profession and allows one to be both creative and analytical in their approach. An architect with an analytical bent of mind may leverage his mathematical skills and specialize in calculations, geometry, floor plans etc. On the other hand, architects who lean towards art can unleash their creativity through drawings, sketches, and design.
  • Improving the overall quality of life: Architects are instrumental in bringing about dynamic lifestyle changes around the globe. With the concept of green living taking worldwide importance, the profession has become even more dynamic and challenging today. If you are someone who believes in rehabilitation and upkeep of the earth – this is your chance to make a difference!
  • High income potential: Architecture is among the highest paying skill-based professions. Young architects, with the right guidance and job opportunities can have a greater earning potential in with consistent growth in their career experience.

The growing demand for architects in India

In sync with the global demand, India too has a need for top-notch architects today for both government and private projects. The government-controlled Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) indicates that by 2040, the real estate industry will experience a staggering growth, touching Rs 65,000 crore from Rs 12,000 crore that was recorded in 2019. A continually growing population and perpetual need for the basic amenities promises to provide limitless opportunities to pursuing architecture as a career prospect. As the demand for buildings will never recede, architects will continue to explore the beauty of their architectural marvels.

Recent trends indicate that architects nowadays are not only working in conventional projects but are also heavily involved in urban planning, furniture design and even disaster relief. There are new-age muralists, landscape architects, restoration architects, and they constitute the most in-demand career avenues that aspiring architects are choosing to pursue!

The OmDayal Group of Institutions: Revolutionizing education

Since its inception in 2010, the NAAC-accredited and MAKAUT-affiliated OmDayal Group of Institutions has emerged as one of the leading architecture colleges in West Bengal. Also offering industry-centric courses in Engineering, our college is reputed for continuously upgrading its teaching and learning curriculum in sync with global standards, to empower each and every student with a competitive edge as new-age technology professionals. A strong management, experienced faculty and a robust learning environment are some of the other hallmarks responsible for the stupendous success enjoyed by our institute. We also offer flexible timings and partner with National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) to provide on-job training and excellent placement opportunities for our students.

B.Arch course, with a difference!

With a world-class infrastructure, our B.Arch course in Architecture that was introduced in 2012, has been honing top-notch graduates in the subject. The course is aimed to take the education of architecture beyond the realms of buildings and propel it into developing a sustainable future. We imbibe in our students that architecture today is concerned with fundamental issues of users, cities and societies and not just materials, processes and aesthetics. Our students are trained to question the presupposed and seek novel and contemporary solutions in line with the modern tenets of architecture.

For more information, visit www.omdayal.com

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