What is common between Indian entrepreneurs Sachin Bansal (Flipkart), Bhavish Aggarwal (Ola), Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Paytm), Deepinder Goyal (Zomato) and RichaKar (Zivame)? They are all engineer-turned-entrepreneurs who have done exceptionally well to earn global recognition for themselves. Ditto is the case with world-famous international businessmen like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and Carlos Slim (who started their career as engineers). In fact, an interesting fact-file was provided by a recent survey of start-ups in India: 33% of entrepreneurs in the country have the backing of an engineering degree. So what are the plus points that engineers enjoy when they don the hat of entrepreneurs?

Advantage of Engineers

  • Analytical problem-solving skills: First and foremost, engineers bring to the table specific skill-sets that have been honed over years while managing projects and solving work-related problems. As problem solvers, they are equipped with the training and bandwidth to understand a wide array of possible solutions to any problem and coming up with the best solution.
  • Mathematical bent of mind: Since they are mathematically-inclined, foraying into the word of entrepreneurship is easier for them. It provides them with a better insight into the profitable viability of any innovation. Already being aware of important elements of number crunching, understanding the nuances to ensure profits in business are way simpler for them.
  • Team players: Since they always work as part of teams in projects as engineers, they are very aware of the important facets of team building such as co-operation, camaraderie, motivating others and effective delegation of work. After all, a strong and competent team is the hallmark of any successful organization.
  • Excellent planners: Their career-orientation in the realm of engineering makes them astute planners, thereby arming them with a strong head-start in the world of entrepreneurship. They are well-equipped with the nuances of the key elements of planning, namely market research, financial projections as well as the development of insightful business plans and strategies.
  • Strong technical knowhow: Technology dominating every aspect of our work lives now provides engineers with the advantage as they are truly ahead when it comes to technical expertise. Their in-depth understanding of any product development makes them great leaders!
  • Constant self-evaluating:  Proficient engineers constantly examine their projects or prototypes in order to offer better solutions. This whole mindset of continually evaluating their own performance as well as their company on the whole gives them the edge as entrepreneurs.

Chance to work on future technology: Engineering students get an opportunity to work on some of the latest technology like ‘Internet of things’, artificial Intelligence, drone technology, robotics, 3D printing, machine learning, cyber security, augmented/virtual reality, smart structure.

We facilitate promising youngsters to realize their dreams in engineering

As a leading engineering college in West Bengal, the NAAC-accredited and MAKAUT-affiliated OmDayal Group of Institutionsis responsible for churning out young engineers possessing a zeal for creativity and innovation. The industry-centric engineering courses offered by us include:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering

Bearing in mind the ever-changing technical skills required for engineering jobs both in India and abroad, our college is reputed for continuously upgrading its teaching and learning curriculum in sync with global standards, to empower each and every student with a competitive edge as new-age technology professionals. Our facilities like flexible timings and partnership with National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) to provide on-job training and excellent placement opportunities have helped our students greatly in their successful career pursuits to emerge as top-quality engineers.

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