The premier Architecture College in West Bengal, OmDayal College of Architecture was established in 2012 as the first private Architecture College in West Bengal. Since the inception, OmDayal College of Architecture is aiming to take Architectural Education beyond the realms of buildings and surge ahead in developing a sustainable environment. The goal is to engage more qualified Architects in the service to society as the number of Architects graduating from the reputed B.Arch. colleges in India is still negligible compared to the rest of the country. More Architects would mean more eco-friendly and an increased sustainable built environment and hence a much better world to live in for future generations.

The College of Architecture is approved by COA, accredited by NAAC and affiliated to MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal, formerly known as West Bengal University of Technology).

After the successful completion of 12 years, we are thinking of opening newer avenues in Academics and Research. We are offering a post graduate programme in Architecture focussing on Urban Infrastructure and Development. We are also keen on guiding research scholars in the field of architecture, planning and urban design. As a step towards research, we are publishing a bi-annual journal in Architecture. A research committee under the guidance of our Director, Prof. Kalyan K Mukherjee, has been announced by MAKAUT.

Seven batches of students have already graduated since 2017. The current final year batch has completed their professional training, as a part of the curriculum, from various architectural firms across India.

Alumni of the OmDayal College of the Architecture are currently working in various organizations in different capacities across India and abroad, some are pursuing their post graduate studies from premier Indian national institutes and as well as from abroad.

  • The premier Architecture College in West Bengal


The building of the Architecture college, OmDayal College of Architecture has sufficient number of class rooms, studios, library, faculty and staff rooms, climatology and acoustics labs, CAD labs, materials museum, model making workshop, carpentry and fitting workshops, survey lab, multipurpose seminar hall etc for the students as well as the faculty members.

The class rooms here are fitted with either LCD projectors or TV monitors. Library is equipped with more than 2500 volumes of book and approximately 19 journals. Different measuring devices like light meter, barometer, sound meter, thermometers, signal generator etc are available in Climatology and Acoustics labs. The CAD labs have Latest software like vector works design suit, utilizing cutting-edge technology is put to practice to train the students appropriately.

The OmDayal College of Architecture has bus services from Kolkata via different routes for the students and faculties. Separate Hostel facility for boys and girls is available inside the campus with a proper canteen.


First Yr First Sem English Language & Communication
Engineering Mechanics
History of Architecture-I
Materials and construction-I
Architectural Graphics -I
Architectural Design –I
Creative Expressions
NSS/ ECA/NCC/ Sports
First Yr Second Sem Mathematics – II
Strength of Materials
History of Architecture-II
Materials and construction-II
Architectural Graphics –II
Architectural Design –II
Methods of Construction – I
Workshop Practice – I
Educational Tour
Second Yr Third Sem Computer Education-I
Structure – I
History of Architecture-III
Materials and construction-III
Art Appreciation
Architectural Design –III
Methods of Construction – II
Rendering Techniques
Second Yr Fourth Sem Structure – II
History of Architecture-IV
Materials and construction-IV
Architectural Design –IV
Methods of Construction – III
Computer Graphics –I
Workshop Practice- II
Educational Tour
Third Yr Fifth Sem Sociology in Architecture
Structure – III
Building Services –I
History of Architecture-V
Materials & Construction – V
Architectural Design – V
Methods of Construction –IV
Computer Graphics –II
Materials Testing workshop
Third Yr Sixth Sem Structure – IV
Building Services – II
History of Architecture – VI
Advanced Materials
Landscape Design
Architectural Design – VI
Working Drawings
Survey Field work
Educational Tour
Fourth Yr Seventh Sem Structure in Architecture
Building Services – III
Theory of Architecture
Specifications , Estimation& Valuation
Architectural Illumination
Urban Planning & Human Settlements
Architectural Design – VII
Interior Design
Fourth Yr Eighth Sem Energy Eff. Architecture
Professional Practice
Bldg. Economics &Construction Management
Housing & Comm. Planning
Urban Design
Disaster Resistant Architecture
Architectural Design – VIII
Thesis Programming
Fifth Yr Ninth Sem Professional Training
Fifth Yr Tenth Sem ELEC –I (any one subject from these)

ELEC –II (any one subject from these)

ELEC –II (any one subject from these)

Events and Activities

Events and Activities

Events and Activities

A few seminars and exhibitions have been organized at the Institute:

Architect of the Times – AOTT 2015 Included speakers from India and the US 2015
AOTT 2016
Seminar: Legacy of a City
Speakers from Indian Universities 2016
Exhibition titled “Reliving the past” on morphological documentation of Harish Mukherjee Road   2016
AOTT 2017
Srijoni – an exhibition of students’ works
AOTT 2018
Theme: Lighting in Architecture
Speakers from Indian Universities, professionals from various parts of the country 2018
AOTT 2019
Faculty Development Program – Structure in Architecture
5 Sessions with experts in Alternative Building Materials, Technology applications, new structural forms from Jadavpur University, IIT, Kharagpur and INSDAG 2019
AOTT 2021
Exhibition of Students works, Seminar on 4 topics,
1. Art and Design
2. Urban Design Elements
3. New Age Forms
4. Vernacular & Traditional art
This entire program was spread over a week and held live on Facebook with a viewership of more than 1000 2021
AOTT 2022
Exhibition of Students works
Research documentation titled LOST HOUSES
A documentation/commentary on houses/buildings of the colonial era, in settlements along the banks of the Hooghly river. Included a discussion on Urban Development with speakers from IIT, Kharagpur, Calcutta University and NGO’s 2022
AOTT 2023
Exhibition of Students works
Research documentation titled STREETS OF KOLKATA
A survey of 8 different street profiles was conducted and mapped as a part of the documentation process, followed by an exhibition and a short seminar on street design and planning by various field experts in social planning, transport planning and heritage management. 2023

Architectural Study Tour (Measure Drawing)

The top b arch college in West Bengal, OmDayal college also organizes annual architectural study tour for 1st, 2nd and 3rd years. The students visit various parts of the country with varying degree of architectural importance. During the study tour, historical edifices are measured and documented by the students of the best architecture college in West Bengal, OmDayal College, local art and culture is also documented and presented at a later date through photographs and sketches. Last year the route was Jabbal pur, Bhopal, Sanchi and Khajuraho.

Annual NASA and ZONASA

Students from the top b arch college in West Bengal, OmDayal College participate at annual meets as part of the cultural and educational exchanges of the National Association of Students’ of Architecture. These events are conducted all over the country and the students get to meet and exchange ideas with others from various corners of this vast nation. They have also participated and won several trophies at competitions held during such events.

Sample Thesis of Final Year students

Sample Thesis of Final Year students

Faculty Profile

Faculty Members

Faculty Members

Sl. No. Name Designation Specialization
1 Kalyan Kr. Mukherjee Principal B.Arch, M.Arch, Ph.D
2 Santanu Sen Prof. Design Chair B.Arch
3 Samit Biswas Prof. Design Chair B.Arch
4 Bhaskar Chatterjee Professor B.Arch, M.Arch
5 Debjani Mitra Professor B.Arch, M.Arch
6 Sumanta Deb Associate Professor B.Arch, Mba,Ma, Phd
7 Suparna Biswas Associate Professor B.Arch, M.Arch
8 Suranjana Chaudhuri Associate Professor B.Arch, M.Tech
9 Protyush Lala Associate Professor B.Arch, M.Arch
10 Rita Meshram Associate Professor B.Arch, M.Arch
11 Biswajit Chakravarty Associate Professor B.Arch, Mup
12 Kunal Bhattacharya Associate Professor B.Arch, M.Arch, Phd
13 Atasi Chattopadhyay Assistant Professor B.Arch
14 Kalyan Chakraburtty Assistant Professor B.Arch
15 Arnab Jana Assistant Professor B.Arch, Mtrp
16 Meghla Maity Assistant Professor B.Arch, Mtrp
17 Madhuchhanda Mondal Biswas Assistant Professor B.Arch, Mtrp
18 Mudith Rakhecha Assistant Professor B.Arch, M.Arch
19 Prasenjit Karmakar Assistant Professor B.Arch, M.Arch
20 Joydeep Mondal Assistant Professor B.Arch, M.Arch
21 Priyanka Das Assistant Professor B.Arch, M.Arch
22 Sayandip Bose Assistant Professor B.Arch
23 Sayantani Saha Assistant Professor B.Arch, M.Arch

Research Pulication

Prof. Kalyan Kumar Mukherjee  – Ph D (Engg), Jadavpur University – 2020

List of Publications and Conference

  • “Where the Streets have no name”, Kalyan K Mukherjee,2015
  • “Life in the Crucible”, Kalyan K Mukherjee & Sanjib Nag , 2015: Proceedings at NATCON 2015( IIA National Convention)
  • “In search of Research Methods”, Kalyan K Mukherjee & Sanjib Nag, 2016: Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects, ISSN – 0019-4913, pp 27-28, Vol 81, Issue 12
  • “Spontaneous public spaces -understanding the concept”, Kalyan K Mukherjee & Sanjib Nag,2017,Proceedings of the National Conference on Urban Regeneration, MVP College of Architecture, ISBN: 978-93-24457-16-3 , Nashik, pp – 36-42
  •  “Livable Spaces: Study of Harish Mukherjee Road, Kolkata”, Kalyan K Mukherjee & Sanjib Nag,2019 :  Journal of Architectural Drawing,Vol 4 Issue 2,pp 15-24 © MAT Journals
  • “Parameters for Design of Spaces: Case for Kolkata and It’s Fringes”, Kalyan K Mukherjee & Sanjib Nag,2019 : Journal of Interior Designing and Regional Planning , Volume 4 Issue 3, pp 5-9 © MAT Journals e-ISSN: 2581-9984
  • “Transport hubs in Urban Fringes: the Kolkata Way”, Kalyan K Mukherjee & Sanjib Nag, accepted for IITP Journal publication, 2020

Prof. Sumanta Deb – PhD, IIEST, Shibpur – 2019

List of Publications and Conference

  • Spatial Logic of Shopping Malls : Application of space syntax in understanding Economics of Architecture, Sumanta Deb and Keya Mitra: Creative Space, Journal of Chitkara University, pp.109–117, Vol. 7, No. 2, January 2020,
  • Spatial Logic of Tenant- Mix of Shopping Malls, Sumanta Deb & Keya Mitra: Amity Journal of Operation Management, 2019.
  • Visibility, Shopper Characteristics and Navigation: An Integrated Approach in Tenanting Decision Making, Sumanta Deb & Keya Mitra : International Journal of architecture, Engineering and Construction, 2019.

Prof. Suparna Biswas (Gold Medalist in M.Arch.) Pursuing PhD at Jadavpur University

List of Publications and Conference

  • Attended 3 Day workshop “A CASE ON URBAN INHERITANCE –Reva University , Bengaluru,2018
  • Paper on “Sustainability in Architecture and Planning: Consumption and Behavior” published in  International Journal of Architecture and Infrastructure Planning in Vol 5, No 1 (2019) with co-author Dr. Mainak Ghosh, Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture, J.U.
  • Participated in Short Term Training Programme on SUSTAINABLE HABITAT from 24th – 28th September, 2019, organized by VNIT, Nagpur.
  • Attended a seminar on ” Role of Infrastructure in Development of Region” organized by Dept. of Planning, SPA. New Delhi on 18.11.2020.
  • Attended a talk on “Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Planning” – Insights from Asia by Dr. Ranit Chatterjee, Kyoto University, Japan, organized by Dept. Of Architecture and Planning, NIT, Calicut on 31.03.2021.
  • Participated in International Essay Competition 2020 for Teachers in Schools of Architecture organized by COA  on the Topic: Rethinking the Urban organized by COA in Jan 2021

Prof. Abhiroop Das  Submitted PhD at Jadavpur University – 2020

List of Publications and Conference

  • “Mass Rapid Transit System And Urban Development In The Core Of A City:  Case Study of Bhawanipur Metro Rail Station Area At Kolkata.” ABACUS Journal. Vol.09, No.01, pp.39 – 44, June 2014.
  • Application of Solar energy in the context of Universal Design.- Design for All: Place, People – Purpose Relevance Journal, IIT Kharagpur, vol.12, Dec 2016.
  • A study of Traditional Indian school in the present day context from an Architectural view point.- . Mat Journals. Vol.3, Issue.3, May 2018.
  • A study on application of Steel in Indian school in the present day context.-INSDAG Year Book Journal.. Vol. INS/PUB/147, Sept.2018.
  • “Mass Rapid Transit System Related Urban Development Of Existing Core Areas In A City: Defining Important Aspects Of Research Work”. Workshop on Urban Infrastructure Planning & Design, Veer Surendra Sai University Of Technology, Sambalpur, Feb 22- 24, 2018.
  • Mass Rapid Transit System Related Urban Development of Core areas In A City:  Case Study Of Kolkata”. Journal of Recent Activities in Architectural Sciences, Vol.04, Issue.02, pp.21-27, May 2019.
  • “Mass Rapid Transit System Related Urban Development Of Existing Core Areas In A City: Establishing Relevance Of A Research Work”. Journal of Research In Infrastructure Designing, Vol.02, Issue.02, pp. 01-05, June 2019.
  • “Transport Systems and Urban Developments: Case Study Of Kolkata”. Young Scientists Conference, IISF, Kolkata, Nov 5-7, 2019.
  • ‘Workshop On Writing Quality Research Article for Publication’. Centre for Sustainable Development And Resource Efficiency Management’, Jadavpur University, Jan 13-14, 2020.
  • Attended Webinar on “Conscious Induction Of skills In Architectural pedagogy” : The need Of Time’, Conducted by CoA, July 2020.
  • Worked as Co – Principal Investigator in a Research Project under DST- PURSE Phase II , Jadavpur University., 2015 -2020.

Seminar, Conferences, Workshops and Tarining attended by Faculty

Sl No Name of the Faculty Name of the workshop / seminar / conference/FDP Organising Institute Date From – To Nature of Event Participated as
1 SUPARNA BISWAS International Conference on Rethinking Built Environment(INCORBE 2024) Mizoram University 6th March to 8th March 2024 Conferance Faculty Presenter
2 SUPARNA BISWAS IBS International Conference on
“Sustainable World Through the Lens of Social Sciences”
ICFAI Business School Kolkata in In Association with
AAGBS, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia
Assam University, Silchar
5th April and 6th April, 2024 Conferance Faculty Presenter
3 SAYANTANI SAHA GAP – Bridging the GAP between Geomatics, Architecture & Planning on the theme of Applications of GIS & Remote Sensing in Architectural Pedagogy (Level 2) Council of Architecture, Training and Research Center (CoA-TRC), Bhopal &
3rd June to 25th June, 2023 FDP Faculty Attendee
4 SAYANTANI SAHA UDL Online Thesis Seminar & Publication, 2023 Urban Design Lab 26th and 27th August, 2023 Seminar Faculty Presenter
5 SAYANTANI SAHA 2nd Annual Conference on Infrastructure and Built Environment: Towards Sustainable and Resilient Societies (IBSR 2024) IIT Kharagpur 7th March to 9th March, 2024 Conferance Faculty Presenter
6 MADHUCHHANDA MANDAL BISWAS IBS International Conference on
“Sustainable World Through the Lens of Social Sciences”
ICFAI Business School Kolkata in In Association with
AAGBS, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia
Assam University, Silchar
5th April and 6th April, 2024 Conferance Faculty Presenter
7 SUMANTA DEB New Era of Social Reponsibility, Sustainability and Innovations Mizoram University 4th March to 6th March 2024 Seminar Faculty Presenter
8 SUMANTA DEB International Conference on Rethinking Built Environment(INCORBE 2024) Mizoram University 6th March to 8th March 2024 Conference Faculty Presenter
Faculty Development Programme Attended by Faculty Members

Faculty Development Programme on Teaching Indian Architectural  History conducted by COA-TRC in May 2020

  • Prof. Meghla Nath
  • Prof. TarakNath Chatterjee

Faculty Development Programme on Sustainable and Energy Efficient Buildings at MNIT Jaipur ,2019.

  • Prof. Kalyan Chakraburtty
  • Prof. Meghla Nath

Faculty Development Programme on “Toolkit dev for Design Studios” at  COA-TRC Pune, 2018

  • Prof. Priyanka Das
  • Prof. Biswajeet Chakraborty

UGC Sponsored Faculty Development Programme on Built Environment and  Sustainable Technologies, 2016

  • Prof. Atasi Chatterjee
  • Prof. Sumanta Deb
  • Meghla Nath

Faculty Development Programme on Disaster mitigation in heritage zones, IIT, KGP,2016

  • Prof. Suranjana Chaudhuri

Faculty Development Programme on Sustainability sensitization workshop, Pune,2016

  • Prof. Madhuchanda Biswas

Training program by Glass Academy,2015

  • Prof. Biswajeet Chakraborty
  • Prof. Abhiroop Das

Faculty Induction Programme COA-TRC,2015

  • Prof. Bhaskar Chatterjee
  • Prof. Arnab Jana

Career Prospect

Careers in Architecture

The art or technique of designing and building, as distinguished from the skills associated with construction. The practice of architecture involves the completion of both practical and expressive requirements.

Not only are there many other job opportunities available within the field of architecture itself, but architecture graduates learn skills that apply in many other fields.

  1. Landscape Architect

    Designing outdoor landscapes, including infrastructure, public areas, agriculture and forestry is vital for constructing the webs that bind our urban and rural spaces. And also, it is essential for responding to globalization and climate change. Landscape architects are involved in storm water management, environmental restoration, and recreational areas among other things. 

  2. Urban Planner

    As a result of a rapidly growing percentage of our population moving into urban areas, the conditions of urbanism are constantly in a state of flux. The dynamic state of the urban environment makes it an exciting path to take as an architect, covering everything from economic and demographic changes, to sustainable development. 

  3. Conservation Architect

    Our societies’ heritage and history as presented through architecture are not only beautiful glimpses into the past, but also crucial to understanding our culture as a discipline. Conservation and restoration of buildings is a method of preserving our heritage.

  4. Research Architect

    With the current wave of digital design and constant advancement of digital tools, our methods of representation and expression are changing dramatically. Information technology has had a profound impact upon architecture that is far from over. These constant improvements are in part made possible by the exciting research being done by architects, not necessarily consisting of designing buildings, but focusing more on how these new tools can enhance our work.

  5. Industrial Designer

    Several architecture firms have branched into industrial design, due to their close creative ties. However, industrial design focuses on smaller scale objects of mass production, as opposed to large-scale buildings designed for a specific context.

  6. Furniture Designer

    Even more so than industrial design, furniture design can be seen as architecture’s little sister. Countless famous architects have made significant contributions to furniture design: Charles and Ray Eames, Alvar Aalto and Arne Jacobsen, among others. Contemporary architects such as Zaha Hadid Architects are following suit, proving that the two can even be done simultaneously.

  7. Graphic Designer

    Graphic design is the way in which we take in our world and identify it. It is invaluable when it comes to communication. It can also be so aesthetically pleasing that one can hardly resist becoming a graphic designer.

  8. Architectural Photographer

    Architecture photography is becoming increasingly popular, possibly due to the beautiful geometry that can emerge by constraining something within a lens. Photography concerns itself more with the aesthetic, with the object and the composition in that unique moment, within that specific frame. It concerns itself with the fleeting atmosphere, more than with the permanent organization of people and spaces.

  9. Teacher/Professor

    Young teachers at architecture schools are becoming more common, and if you’re looking for more time to learn about the field before making a decision on whether or not you want to remain in it, taking up a year or two of teaching could be an ideal way to do so. 

  10. Architectural Journalism

    Becoming a writer or journalist can be a great way to utilize an architectural education; we learn to articulate ourselves using (mostly) descriptive language and rhetoric, in order to communicate our complex projects to teachers and critics.

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