Aerospace engineering is a specialised field that deals with all aspects of making and maintaining aerial vehicles, such as planes, missiles, satellites, and spacecraft. Since the aviation and space industry is expanding rapidly, qualified aerospace engineers will be in high demand across many sectors. An aeronautical engineer earns one of the top five salaries in engineering.

The stellar progress of the Indian aviation industry

India’s aviation industry is expanding rapidly. As a result of the growing popularity of air travel, India is now the world’s third-largest civil aviation market.

The growth of the India Space Program aims to teach the country how to use its space technology and create practical initiatives to help it reach its goals. India’s primary space objectives are in the realms of enhancing communications and weather forecasting. Remote sensing for agriculture, soil, mineral, and water resource management, and the improvement of distance education are also top priorities. This expanding market will require the establishment of new occupations requiring specialised knowledge.

Aerospace engineering discussing innovation in satellite construction

Aerospace engineering courses

Numerous schools in India, both public and private, offer aerospace engineering degrees. At the undergraduate level, students spend four years learning the fundamentals. Undergraduates receive a Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor of Technology, while graduate students can choose between a Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, or Master of Science.

Some Universities may also offer Short Term Courses as follows:

  • Introduction to Aviation Engineering
  • Avionics Design and Maintenance 
  • Aircraft Electrical and Instrument Systems 
  • Airframe Maintenance Procedures
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Fuel and Lubrication Management
  • Aero Engine Maintenance and Overhauling
  • Flight Safety and Airworthiness
  • Repair and Maintenance of Composite Aircraft Structures
Indian aerospace engineer building a new engine prototype

Job Roles in Career Opportunities for Aerospace Engineers 

Aerospace engineering has a lot of room to grow. The future seems bright for India’s aeronautical endeavours, as the country now holds the record for the most satellites launched in a single mission. ISRO currently ranks sixth in the world. Aerospace engineers will be in demand in the future due to an allocated budget of over $1.5 billion.

Jobs for Aerospace Engineers in a variety of fields, including

  • Directors of Aircraft Production
  • Verification Procedures for Aircraft Designs
  • Validators for Mechanical Designs
  • Those Who Work Behind the Scenes as Technical Assistants
  • Professionals in Thermal Analysis and Design

Airlines and helicopter companies, the Indian Air Force, the Indian Space Research Organization, the Defence Research and Development Organization, aviation equipment manufacturers, and the Indian Space Science and Research Organization are only a few potential employers. Engineers working in aerospace will eventually reach new heights of success.

In conclusion, the aerospace engineering domain is lucrative, as it has tremendous job potential and fulfils the passion of those aspiring to pursue this as a dream job.

Engineers experimenting with unmanned aerial vehicle design

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