The premier Architecture College in West Bengal, OmDayal College of Architecture was established in 2012 as the first private Architecture College in West Bengal. Since the inception the OmDayal College of Architecture in West Bengal, is aiming to take Architecture Education beyond the realms of buildings and propel it into developing a sustainable environment. The goal is to engage more qualified Architects in the service to society as the number of Architects graduating from the good B.Arch. colleges in India is still negligible compared to the rest of the country. More Architects would mean an eco-friendly and more sustainable built environment and hence a much better world to live in for future generations.

The College of Architecture is approved by AICTE, Accredited by NACC and affiliated to MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, W.B. formerly known as West Bengal University of Technology)

Three batches of students have already graduated in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The current final year batch is leaving for professional training, as a part of the curriculum, at various architectural firms in India.

Alumni of the OmDayal College of the Architecture is currently working in various organizations in different capacities across India, some are pursuing their post graduate studies in India and as well as in abroad. Most recently one of our students, Purbita Samanta, was ranked 2nd at GATE 2019, in Architecture.


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The building of the Architecture college, OmDayal College of Architecture has sufficient number of class rooms, studios, library, faculty and staff rooms, climatology and acoustics labs, CAD labs, materials museum, model making workshop, carpentry and fitting workshops, survey lab, multipurpose seminar hall etc for the students as well as the faculty members.

The class rooms here are fitted with either LCD projectors or TV monitors. Library is equipped with more than 2500 volumes of book and approximately 19 journals. Different measuring devices like light meter, barometer, sound meter, thermometers, signal generator etc are available in Climatology and Acoustics labs. The CAD labs have Latest software like vector works design suit, utilizing cutting-edge technology is put to practice to train the students appropriately.

The OmDayal College of Architecture has bus services from Kolkata via different routes for the students and faculties. Separate Hostel facility for boys and girls is available inside the campus with a proper canteen.

Industry Academia Tie Ups

Industry Academia Tie Ups

The local chapter of the Indian Institute of Architects has associated with us on various occasions for conducting of seminars and exhibitions.

The OmDayal College of Architecture conducts special social exercises engaging the students and encouraging them to participate in Rotaract activity and community education programs.

Various Architects and allied consultants are invited for special lectures at the OmDayal College of Architecture and similarly these professionals engage students for various summer internship programmes.


Association with BANGLA NATOK.COM who have shown interest in involvement of the Institute to incorporate the best ideas in developing Folk Art Centres in various districts of West Bengal.



First Yr

First Sem

English Language & Communication


Engineering Mechanics

History of Architecture-I

Materials and construction-I

Architectural Graphics -I

Architectural Design –I

Creative Expressions

NSS/ ECA/NCC/ Sports


First Yr

Second Sem

Mathematics – II

Strength of Materials

History of Architecture-II

Materials and construction-II

Architectural Graphics –II

Architectural Design –II

Methods of Construction – I

Workshop Practice – I

Educational Tour


Second Yr

Third Sem

Computer Education-I

Structure – I


History of Architecture-III

Materials and construction-III

Art Appreciation

Architectural Design –III

Methods of Construction – II

Rendering Techniques


Second Yr

Fourth Sem

Structure – II


History of Architecture-IV

Materials and construction-IV

Architectural Design –IV

Methods of Construction – III

Computer Graphics –I

Workshop Practice- II

Educational Tour


Third Yr

Fifth Sem

Sociology in Architecture

Structure – III

Building Services –I

History of Architecture-V

Materials & Construction – V


Architectural Design – V

Methods of Construction –IV

Computer Graphics –II

Materials Testing workshop


Third Yr

Sixth Sem

Structure – IV

Building Services – II

History of Architecture – VI

Advanced Materials

Landscape Design

Architectural Design – VI

Working Drawings

Survey Field work

Educational Tour


Fourth Yr

Seventh Sem

Structure in Architecture

Building Services – III

Theory of Architecture

Specifications , Estimation& Valuation

Architectural Illumination

Urban Planning & Human Settlements

Architectural Design – VII

Interior Design


Fourth Yr

Eighth Sem

Energy Eff. Architecture

Professional Practice

Bldg. Economics &Construction Management

Housing & Comm. Planning

Urban Design

Disaster Resistant Architecture

Architectural Design – VIII

Thesis Programming


Fifth Yr

Ninth Sem

Professional Training


Fifth Yr

Tenth Sem

ELEC –I (any one subject from these)






ELEC –II (any one subject from these)






ELEC –II (any one subject from these)








Events and Activities

Events and Activities

Events and Activities

A few seminars and exhibitions have been organized at the Institute:

Conference : Architect of the times Included speakers from India and the US 2015
Seminar : Legacy of a City

Speakers from Indian Universities 2016
Exhibition titled “Reliving the past” on morphological documentation of Harish Mukherjee Road   2016
Srijoni – an exhibition of students’ works   2017
 Architect of the times
Theme : Lighting in Architecture
Speakers from Indian Universities, professionals from various parts of the country 2018

Architectural Study Tour (Measure Drawing)

The top b arch college in West Bengal, OmDayal college also organizes annual architectural study tour for 1st, 2nd and 3rd years. The students visit various parts of the country with varying degree of architectural importance. During the study tour, historical edifices are measured and documented by the students of the best architecture college in West Bengal, OmDayal College, local art and culture is also documented and presented at a later date through photographs and sketches. Last year the route was Jabbal pur, Bhopal, Sanchi and Khajuraho.

Annual NASA and ZONASA

Students from the top b arch college in West Bengal, OmDayal College participate at annual meets as part of the cultural and educational exchanges of the National Association of Students’ of Architecture. These events are conducted all over the country and the students get to meet and exchange ideas with others from various corners of this vast nation. They have also participated and won several trophies at competitions held during such events.

Sample Thesis of Final Year students

Sample Thesis of Final Year students

Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

Faculty Members

Faculty Members

Sl. No. Name Designation Specialization Years of Experience
1 Prof. (Dr.) Kalyan Kumar Mukherjee Professor & HOD Housing 38 Years
2 Prof. Bhaskar Chatterjee Professor Housing 37 Years
3 Prof. Santanu Sen Professor – Design Chair Architecture 36 Years
4 Prof. Samit Biswas Professor – Design Chair Architecture 36 Years
5 Prof. Suranjana Chaudhuri Associate Professor Urban & Regional Planning 12 Years
6 Prof. Debjani Mitra Associate Professor Urban design 35 Years
7 Prof. (Dr.) Sumanta Deb Associate Professor Architecture 11 Years
8 Prof. Protyush Lala Associate Professor Architecture 13 Years
9 Prof. Sumit Bose Associate Professor Urban Design 25 Years
10 Prof. Suparna Biswas Associate Professor Housing 18 Years
11 Prof. Kalyan Chakraburtty Assistant Professor Architecture 21 Years
12 Prof. Atasi Chatterjee Assistant Professor Architecture 35 Years
13 Prof. Sankha Subhra Gangopadhyay Assistant Professor Architecture 36 Years
14 Prof.  Biswajit Chakraborty Assistant Professor Urban Planning 11 Years
15 Prof. Abhiroop Das Assistant Professor Urban Design 12 Years
16 Prof.  Prasenjit Karmakar Assistant Professor Urban design 4 Years
17 Prof. Arnab Jana Assistant Professor Town & Regional Planning 9 Years
18 Prof. Madhuchhanda Mandal Biswas Assistant Professor Town & Regional Planning 9 Years
19 Prof. Meghla Nath Assistant Professor Town & Country Planning 9 Years
20 Prof. Priyanka Das Assistant Professor Urban Design 3 Years
21 Prof. Mayukh Chandra Sadhukhan Assistant Professor Landscape Architecture 4 Years
22 Prof. Mudit Rakecha Assistant Professor Architecture 12 Years
23 Prof. Joydeep Mondal Assistant Professor Urban Design 5 Years
24 Prof. Taraknath Chatterjee Assistant Professor Urban & Regional Planning 6 Years
25 Prof. Adreeja dey Assistant Professor Urban Design 3 Years

Research Pulication

Prof. Kalyan Kumar Mukherjee  – Ph D (Engg), Jadavpur University – 2020

List of Publications and Conference

  • “Where the Streets have no name”, Kalyan K Mukherjee,2015
  • “Life in the Crucible”, Kalyan K Mukherjee & Sanjib Nag , 2015: Proceedings at NATCON 2015( IIA National Convention)
  • “In search of Research Methods”, Kalyan K Mukherjee & Sanjib Nag, 2016: Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects, ISSN – 0019-4913, pp 27-28, Vol 81, Issue 12
  • “Spontaneous public spaces -understanding the concept”, Kalyan K Mukherjee & Sanjib Nag,2017,Proceedings of the National Conference on Urban Regeneration, MVP College of Architecture, ISBN: 978-93-24457-16-3 , Nashik, pp – 36-42
  •  “Livable Spaces: Study of Harish Mukherjee Road, Kolkata”, Kalyan K Mukherjee & Sanjib Nag,2019 :  Journal of Architectural Drawing,Vol 4 Issue 2,pp 15-24 © MAT Journals
  • “Parameters for Design of Spaces: Case for Kolkata and It’s Fringes”, Kalyan K Mukherjee & Sanjib Nag,2019 : Journal of Interior Designing and Regional Planning , Volume 4 Issue 3, pp 5-9 © MAT Journals e-ISSN: 2581-9984
  • “Transport hubs in Urban Fringes: the Kolkata Way”, Kalyan K Mukherjee & Sanjib Nag, accepted for IITP Journal publication, 2020

Prof. Sumanta Deb – PhD, IIEST, Shibpur – 2019

List of Publications and Conference

  • Spatial Logic of Shopping Malls : Application of space syntax in understanding Economics of Architecture, Sumanta Deb and Keya Mitra: Creative Space, Journal of Chitkara University, pp.109–117, Vol. 7, No. 2, January 2020,
  • Spatial Logic of Tenant- Mix of Shopping Malls, Sumanta Deb & Keya Mitra: Amity Journal of Operation Management, 2019.
  • Visibility, Shopper Characteristics and Navigation: An Integrated Approach in Tenanting Decision Making, Sumanta Deb & Keya Mitra : International Journal of architecture, Engineering and Construction, 2019.

Prof. Suparna Biswas (Gold Medalist in M.Arch.) Pursuing PhD at Jadavpur University

List of Publications and Conference

  • Attended 3 Day workshop “A CASE ON URBAN INHERITANCE –Reva University , Bengaluru,2018
  • Paper on “Sustainability in Architecture and Planning: Consumption and Behavior” published in  International Journal of Architecture and Infrastructure Planning in Vol 5, No 1 (2019) with co-author Dr. Mainak Ghosh, Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture, J.U.
  • Participated in Short Term Training Programme on SUSTAINABLE HABITAT from 24th – 28th September, 2019, organized by VNIT, Nagpur.
  • Attended a seminar on ” Role of Infrastructure in Development of Region” organized by Dept. of Planning, SPA. New Delhi on 18.11.2020.
  • Attended a talk on “Disaster Resilient Infrastructure Planning” – Insights from Asia by Dr. Ranit Chatterjee, Kyoto University, Japan, organized by Dept. Of Architecture and Planning, NIT, Calicut on 31.03.2021.
  • Participated in International Essay Competition 2020 for Teachers in Schools of Architecture organized by COA  on the Topic: Rethinking the Urban organized by COA in Jan 2021

Prof. Abhiroop Das  Submitted PhD at Jadavpur University – 2020

List of Publications and Conference

  • “Mass Rapid Transit System And Urban Development In The Core Of A City:  Case Study of Bhawanipur Metro Rail Station Area At Kolkata.” ABACUS Journal. Vol.09, No.01, pp.39 – 44, June 2014.
  • Application of Solar energy in the context of Universal Design.- Design for All: Place, People – Purpose Relevance Journal, IIT Kharagpur, vol.12, Dec 2016.
  • A study of Traditional Indian school in the present day context from an Architectural view point.- . Mat Journals. Vol.3, Issue.3, May 2018.
  • A study on application of Steel in Indian school in the present day context.-INSDAG Year Book Journal.. Vol. INS/PUB/147, Sept.2018.
  • “Mass Rapid Transit System Related Urban Development Of Existing Core Areas In A City: Defining Important Aspects Of Research Work”. Workshop on Urban Infrastructure Planning & Design, Veer Surendra Sai University Of Technology, Sambalpur, Feb 22- 24, 2018.
  • Mass Rapid Transit System Related Urban Development of Core areas In A City:  Case Study Of Kolkata”. Journal of Recent Activities in Architectural Sciences, Vol.04, Issue.02, pp.21-27, May 2019.
  • “Mass Rapid Transit System Related Urban Development Of Existing Core Areas In A City: Establishing Relevance Of A Research Work”. Journal of Research In Infrastructure Designing, Vol.02, Issue.02, pp. 01-05, June 2019.
  • “Transport Systems and Urban Developments: Case Study Of Kolkata”. Young Scientists Conference, IISF, Kolkata, Nov 5-7, 2019.
  • ‘Workshop On Writing Quality Research Article for Publication’. Centre for Sustainable Development And Resource Efficiency Management’, Jadavpur University, Jan 13-14, 2020.
  • Attended Webinar on “Conscious Induction Of skills In Architectural pedagogy” : The need Of Time’, Conducted by CoA, July 2020.
  • Worked as Co – Principal Investigator in a Research Project under DST- PURSE Phase II , Jadavpur University., 2015 -2020.

Seminar, Conferences, Workshops and Tarining attended by Faculty

Faculty Development Programme Attended by Faculty Members

Faculty Development Programme on Teaching Indian Architectural  History conducted by COA-TRC in May 2020

  • Prof. Meghla Nath
  • Prof. TarakNath Chatterjee

Faculty Development Programme on Sustainable and Energy Efficient Buildings at MNIT Jaipur ,2019.

  • Prof. Kalyan Chakraburtty
  • Prof. Meghla Nath

Faculty Development Programme on “Toolkit dev for Design Studios” at  COA-TRC Pune, 2018

  • Prof. Priyanka Das
  • Prof. Biswajeet Chakraborty

UGC Sponsored Faculty Development Programme on Built Environment and  Sustainable Technologies, 2016

  • Prof. Atasi Chatterjee
  • Prof. Sumanta Deb
  • Meghla Nath

Faculty Development Programme on Disaster mitigation in heritage zones, IIT, KGP,2016

  • Prof. Suranjana Chaudhuri

Faculty Development Programme on Sustainability sensitization workshop, Pune,2016

  • Prof. Madhuchanda Biswas

Training program by Glass Academy,2015

  • Prof. Biswajeet Chakraborty
  • Prof. Abhiroop Das

Faculty Induction Programme COA-TRC,2015

  • Prof. Bhaskar Chatterjee
  • Prof. Arnab Jana

Student Achievements


Search International, a Trust for education and action in Architecture, floated the “SUNDAR BARI”

International design competition for students of Architecture, in June 2020.

The design requirements included designing a homestead for a small family in the Sunderbans and the structure / building would be

  • Resilient – to natural hazards
  • Sustainable – not damage the ecosystem or be alien to it
  • Creative
  • Affordable, and
  • Buildable – utilize local material and technology

The competitors, students, i.e, can choose a young graduate Architect to partner them.

A team, comprising of graduate (2018 batch) and student (due to graduate in 2021) won the 1st prize at the event, with their entry.

2018 – 19

Annual NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) Convention

Organised By: SJB School of Architecture and Planning, Bangalore

Best Student of the year trophy Anwesh Das
Batch : 2019
G. Sen Trophy
TOP – 10
Debarpan Dey, Animesh Das, Asaad Ur Rahman
Landscape Design
TOP – 30
Arnab Patra, Arnab Gon, Souvick Sasmal
Annual NASA Design Competition (ANDC)
TOP – 83
Group of 14 Students of Architecture
Annual NASA – Laurie Baker centre Event
( LBC ) TOP – 15
Ayan, Puja, Sejal, Sreoshi, Sahini, Debottam, Shreya, Sinjan, Iftikar
Red Carpet
– 1 st PRIZE –
Prakriti Bhattacharya, Debleena Nath
TOP – 13
Selected works from the whole department was displayed

2017 – 18

ZONASA Convention

Organised By: R.S.A. Gwahati

6th Prize Overall
Zonal Ranking for The Department
Students of Architecture
Landscape Design
– Special Mention I –
Group of 3 Students of Architecture
Convention Trophy
– Citation –
Students of Architecture
Main Design 2
-Special Mention II –
Group of 3 Students of Architecture
Fashion Walk
– Special Mention I –
Prakriti, Subhashree, Debaditya, Ikbal, Swaraj, Simita, Annyesha, Mouli, Subham, Atif, Pramita, Debashruti

2016 – 17

ZONASA Convention

Organised By: Invertis University, Bareilly

4th Prize Overall
Zonal Ranking for The Department
Students of Architecture

2015 – 16

ADI Awards

Organised By: 11A- Kolkata

ADI Awards (2nd Year)
– 1st PRIZE –
Soumyojit Bagchi
ADI Awards (4th Year)
– 1st PRIZE –
Subhajit Bagchi

Konstruct Design Awards

Organised By: Konstruct, Kolkata

Konstruct Design Awards
– 1st PRIZE –
Ashesh Das

NDTV — DAA Scholarship

Organised By: NDTV

NDTV — DAA Scholarship Subhajit Bagchi

ZONASA Convention

Organised By: NIT Rourkela

Design 30
– 3rd PRIZE –
Shubhajit Bagchi & Team
Students’ Design Competition
– Special Mention –
Souvick Chakraborty & Team

2014 – 15


Organised By: BESU (IIEST), Shibpur, Howrah

Students’ Design Competition
– 3rd PRIZE –
S. Abhishek & Shalini
Students’ Design Competition
– 1st PRIZE –
Debojyoti Saha & Souvik Mallick

2013 – 14

Students’ Design Competition

Organised By: IIT — Roorkee

Students’ Design Competition
– 1st PRIZE –
Ashesh Das, Subhajit Bagchi, Md. Farhan

Souvick Sasmal – Alumni – 2020
COA National Awards for Excellence in Architectural Thesis 2020 – Zone 2 (Top 10)
GATE 2021-Architecture and Planning – AIR 66


Sl. No Name of the Student Event Organiser Award Year
1 Anwesh Das
Batch : 2019
Annual NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) convention Bangalore Awarded Best Student of the year trophy 2019
2 Debarpan Dey, Animesh Das, Asaad Ur Rahman Annual NASA G. Sen Trophy Bangalore Top 10 2018 – 19
3 Arnab Patra, Arnab Gon, Souvick Sasmal Annual NASA (Landscape Design) Bangalore Top 30 2018 – 19
4 Ayan Purkait, Puja Das, Sejal Agarwal, Sreoshi Dutta, Sahini Kar, Debottam, Shreya Acharya, Sinjan Das, Iftikar Alom Annual NASA (LBC) Bangalore Top 15 2018 – 19
5 Prakriti Bhattacharya, Debleena Nath Annual NASA (Red Carpet) Bangalore 1st 2018 – 19
6 Students of Architecture
(Selected works from the whole department was displayed)
Annual NASA Reubens SJB School of Architecture and Planning, Bangalore Top 13 2018 – 19
7 Group of 11 Students of Architecture Zonasa (Fashion) PMCA, Cuttack Citation 2018 – 19
8 Arnab Patra, Sejal Agarwal, Sreyashi Das Zonasa (Main Design II) PMCA, Cuttack Special Mention 2018 – 19
9 Group of 12 Students of Architecture Zonasa (Fashion Walk) R.S.A. Guwahati Special Mention I 2017 – 18
10 Group of 3 Students of Architecture Zonasa Landscape R.S.A. Guwahati Special Mention I 2017 – 18
11 Group of 3 Students of Architecture Zonasa Main Design 2 R.S.A. Guwahati Special Mention II 2017 – 18
12 Students of Architecture Zonasa Convention R.S.A. Guwahati Citation 2017 – 18
13 Students of Architecture (Zonal Ranking for The Department) Zonasa R.S.A. Guwahati 6th prize overall 2017 – 18
14 Students of Architecture
(Zonal Ranking for The Department)
Zonasa Invertis University, Bareilly 4th prize Overall 2016 – 17
15 Soumyojit Bagchi ADI Awards (2nd Year) 11A- Kolkata 1st Prize 2015 – 16
16 Subhajit Bagchi ADI Awards (4th Year) 11A- Kolkata 1st Prize 2015 – 16
17 Ashesh Das Konstruct Design Awards Kolkata 1st Prize 2015 – 16
18 Subhajit Bagchi NDTV — DAA Scholarship Bengaluru   2015 – 16
19 Shubhajit Bagchi & Team Design 30 ZONASA — NIT Rourkela 3rd Prize 2015 – 16
20 Souvick Chakraborty & Team Students’ Design Competition ZONASA — NIT Rourkela Special Mention 2015 – 16
21 S. Abhishek & Shalini Students’ Design Competition INSTRUO — BESU 3rd Prize 2014 – 15
22 Debojyoti Saha & Souvik Mallick Students’ Design Competition INSTRUO — BESU 1st Prize 2014 – 15
23 Ashesh Das, Subhajit Bagchi, Md. Farhan Students’ Design Competition IIT — Roorkee 1st Prize 2013 – 14

Alumni Talk

Alumni Talk

Debarpan Dey

Debarpan Dey

Alumni 2020

The unforgettable journey of the five years has been truly wonderful. Every bit incited in us the power to enlighten the name ‘ODCA’ and to instill into this vast industry. Nothing could have been better as an experience for the life of an under-grad whose career is under process.

Architecture is recorded as the toughest course in the world but everyone & everything I came across had just made it more easier for me. The establishment was too belligerent with Fibonacci series though mostly it ended in a jocular mood. From the unknown to the underdog, I had seen quite the transition – and words are too limited for the expression of the experience.

Not the past
But the passing of the stacks
Immersed from the none,
But that life used to be full of hacks
The feelings never passed
Just stayed the way it was at
the doorsteps

That was the way in and also the way out
I say that, “I’m proud”
to be a part and now I shout

In pain as I miss the good
From “get outs” to the “scolding”
They were actually building
the scaffolding

That now has built the mass
Enriched with concrete and cast

Friends were always
the support the greatness

No sophistication and no at all solemn
but have done the task of a column

These are too raw
everything has a flaw

That eventually gets reflected
everything is free but this life
is more than an investment

Live to earn because once it ends
you will have to live the rest with
just the losses

Anirudhya  Das

Anirudhya Das

Alumni 2020

The journey at ODCA for five years has been a kind of a roller coaster ride. Amidst the industrial hub, lies out our Alma Mater, OmDayal Group of Institutions: College of Engineering and Architecture. This five years journey has not only given us the tag of an architect, but also has taught us several moral ethics and principles of being an architect. Starting from the basic understanding of design principles to penning it down to sheets, it was all possible because of the finest set of faculties and the administration head of the department. Their hands and minds were always behind us and for which, we are now emerged as upcoming architects of this City of Joy. Personally, besides the unconditional guidance and proper mentoring, OmDayal College of Architecture has given me the exposure to the other renowned colleges of the country and their design typologies and techniques, which helped me to construct a leadership quality in me. I am also happy to be a part of the student community of architecture which is also known as NASA INDIA (National Association of Students of Architecture), through which I was introduced to the vast world of the architecture fraternity across India, and that helped me to develop my design understanding as well as leadership quality. Being the Unit Secretary of ODCA, it has given me the opportunity to become a better human being and develop communication skills across the faculties and students. Not to forget the annual educational tours and attending meets and seminars across the country, which helped me to explore to the depth of this field. Lastly, I would like to end this note by thanking ODCA for providing me with such a beautiful set of friends, rather a family, and faculties on whom I shall be countable forever.

Ankur Karmakar

Ankur Karmakar

Alumni 2019

Hello everyone,
I’m Ankur, from the batch of 2014-2019. I studied my bachelor’s from OmDayal School of Architecture, then worked in a renowned firm in Kolkata, cracked GATE with an AIR 144, and now aspiring for pursuing master’s of urban planning. The time I spent at my college was probably the best five years of my life. The amount of knowledge, not only about architecture, but about life itself, I’ve gained from this tenure, is irreversible. I’m grateful to all my faculties from college who guided me in and through all the way up here. I’m thankful to my HOD, Kalyan Sir, for his tremendous efforts to make this institution dynamic and flexible enough for the students as well as teachers.

Ushmita Roy

Ushmita Roy

Alumni 2018

My five years in Architecture Department were one of my best experiences I ever had. I am thankful to all the faculty members of the college for their continuous efforts and support. It gave me exposure to various extra-curricular activities along with great academics. It provided all the facilities and encouragement needed to attain success in life. Looking back, I can see my department was extremely important and a stepping stone in my career. It allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills, which are extremely important in any field of work. I cherish every moment spent at this institution.

Gargi Sikdar

Gargi Sikdar

Alumni 2020

School life gives us a comfort that no other institution can give. After spending almost a decade of our life there, the place indeed becomes one’s “second home”. Thus it was quite nerve wrecking entering the college life, meeting new people in an unfamiliar environment. Yet the five years that I spent in Om Dayal was quite memorable.

Yes, the experience in the beginning of our first year was scary, but through the collected effort of the teachers and our seniors, the time spent in college soon became enjoyable. When our batch entered, the course was still new in our college. Yet the teachers were adept with their respective subjects which helped in our better understanding. Although we could be frank about our problems with our teachers, we were judged fairly and justly during any reviews. Through the collective efforts of the students and teachers, we were able to place our college beside veteran colleges in competitions like Nasa and Zonasa.

Ankita Das

Ankita Das

Alumni 2020

In 2015 the journey started with lots of questions and queries. This phase of life allowed us with lots of opportunities to explore and to do experiments and also guide throughout and prepared us for all the uncertain things that are going to happen and also for all the unpredictable situations that can happen anytime while practicing. During these 5 years I have met different people, interact with them, learn about their different things and also learn to work as a team with all the differences we have. These years where the memorable years that have joy, happiness, stressed phases, successes and fails but end these 5 years made us believe in ourselves that we can do things it might take some time but we can to it.

Oindrilla Chatterjee

Oindrilla Chatterjee

Alumni 2020

My experience in college has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It gave me the skills to be not only a good architect but also a responsible and hardworking individual. Five years of my life I could successfully dedicate to my studies because of the environment the college provided with it’s ever helpful teachers who always looked after the well being of their students. I was fortunate that I found great friends with whom I had amazing memories at our campus, educational tours and even those long-haul journeys back home. I never felt so proud of myself then on the day I graduated.

Suvangi Guha

Suvangi Guha

Alumni 2020

The duration of 5 years in an Architecture school is never easy but it has a lot of good memorie in it too . Starting from making new friends to losing a few, has left a bitter sweet taste yet all the memories are cherished till date. Doing assignments with deadlines, attending all classes from morning to even   ing was somehow a little easier with friends, awesome seniors and a few great teachers . Cultural fests, competitions were an integral part of it . It wasn’t easy to travel 90 km up and down to college  but those times in the bus journey was one of  the best part of it because it mostly included reminiscing all the drama that happened over the day at college. Also prepping for exams and chilling with friends for a straight 2 hours was like a blessing in disguise. A journey for a duration of  5 years can never be a walk in the park but in the end we all miss it a little, even if we try to deny. Gratetul to all, even if they had a very little part, in shaping my life and for the wonderful time offered, over these years.

Shalini Bhattacharjee

Shalini Bhattacharjee

Alumni 2020

Talking about my college experience, I am grateful to have been part of a college that nurtured my creativity and allowed me to explore new possibilities in every aspect of academic life. It is to this place, that I owe my design and thinking capabilities, and the amazing people whom I’ve come to know over the years. The architectural tours, the regional and national competitions, and the never-ending deadlines kept us on our toes throughout the year. I and my classmates shared a bond not only with each other but also with our teachers that extended well beyond our dedicated classrooms, into long rides back home, over conference calls and even all-nighters before submissions. Rooting for our college amidst a dozen other colleges, on various competition grounds, still remains one of my most cherished experiences ever.

Debashrita Kundu

Debashrita Kundu

Alumni 2020

College life remains a memorable time for all of us and mine is no different. I always look back at the times spent in OmDayal Group of Institutions as one of my greatest memories. The teachers welcomed us with open arms and we could approach them at times of need. Moreover, my college life exposed me to various experiences where my teachers were always there to guide me. I learnt to face challenges, take responsibilities and find the balance between fun and sincerity. My college life at OmDayal Group of Institutions will definitely remain to be the golden times of my youth.

Sukrit Sen

Sukrit Sen

Alumni 2018

Right from childhood, I wanted to pursue a career in an avenue where I would be able to express my individuality and architecture seemed to be the best choice. While I joined OmDayal Group of Institutions in 2013, I was skeptical for it was a new college, far from my city, but when I look back at one of the most enriching 5 years of my life, I realise that OmDayal Group of Institutions  and its professors really encouraged me to chisel out my real interest, that lied in Heritage Conservation. The journey started with implementing small attributes of heritage  in my annual design projects to developing a sustainable conservation plan through architectural design in my final thesis, which further led me to pursue my masters in Heritage Management and build a career in the same today. Although, I am not into hardcore designing today but as I reflect on my work, I realise that the basic principles that I have learnt as a student of architecture, has proven to be very fruitful in finding solutions and linking the tangible and intangible.





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