Webinar on ‘Basics of Slip Form Technique’

The construction industry uses different methods and techniques to construct variety of structures. The Slip form technique is one of the techniques that is used to construct specially high rise structures in a very fast, safe and economic way.

This technique of construction is primarily known to be a precious alternative to the conventional formwork technique. It’s speciality is that it is a non-stop method as it allows all activities like reinforcement, shuttering and concreting work simultaneously.

In the Slip form technique, concrete is continuously poured and the form slips on providing the space of concreting till the terminating level of concreting.

Time: 04:00 pm onwards, Date: 19.09.2022

Meet the Speaker
Debajyoti Pal

Debajyoti Pal
Company Name: Simplex Infrastructures Ltd.
Designation: Joint General Manager