Online Exhibition of Students’ Works, July 2021

Online Exhibition of Students’ Works, July 2021

The College of Architecture at Om Dayal Group of Institutions, Uluberia, is exhibiting students’ works as part of the proceedings at the annual event “ Architect of the Times’.

In line with the situation, the entire proceedings have been conducted in the on-line mode.

The initial four days were dedicated to discussions and deliberations on selected topics relatedto Architecture. The pre final batch of students were presenting webinar based dissertations on New Age Forms, Urban Design Elements, intricacies of Art & Design and Vernacular and Traditional building Art.

The exhibition will be a cumulative display of class and studio work during the pandemic.

It was tough for all of us; the discourses from remote locations and the poor communication network, which plagued us pretty often, were just a few of the pitfalls one has to get through. Despite the hardships, the team of teachers, instructors and students has managed to put together an impressive array of works. It was this which prompted us to put up this display. We have divided the exhibition into four different categories, Design Theory and Graphics, History and Heritage, Building materials and management and Architectural Design (including Interior and Landscape).

The exhibition also includes a few off-the- classroom activities of the 1st and 2nd year students. We strongly believe that “all work and no play … “ makes pretty dull Architects. We hope you enjoy the series of events and get to understand Architecture more comprehensively.