Intra-College PPT Presentation Contest

Intra-College PPT Presentation Contest – 2k19

Electrical Engineering Department organized Intra-College PPT Presentation Contest -2k19. It was held on 16th November, 2019 at the Institute’s 2nd floor seminar hall. The group participants of the contest were first year students from all departments. The ICPPC-2K19 encompassed the world of elemental engineering. The colorful group names were given to enlighten various groups and to honor the gifted scientists. Sisir Kumar Mitra group became the champion where as APC Roy group and Chanchal Kumar Majumder group came out to be 1st and 2nd Runner up respectively.
This contest is first of its kind in the college and it not only enhanced presentation skill and technical knowledge of students but also enriched ‘we feeling’ among inter-departmental students.