Electrical Engineering implies electricity, which has flowed into every aspect of our lives. Electricity supplies power to run appliances, heavy machinery, and lights. Electricity also encompasses communications such as the telephone, radio, and television and other consumer electronic devices. And, of course, electronics is changing everything around us every day, through such pervasive devices as hand-held calculators, computers, and controllers that help operate automobiles, airplanes, and homes. Electrical Engineering from the electrical engineering college in West Bengal is the largest engineering profession.


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The building for the electrical engineering college in West Bengal has sufficient number of class rooms, studios, library, faculty and staff rooms, basic electrical lab, CAD labs, electrical machine labs, electrical workshop, electrical measurement labs, circuit theory lab, control system lab, multipurpose seminar hall etc for the students as well as the faculty members.

The class rooms of the best electrical engineering college in West Bengal, OmDayal Group of Institutes fitted with either LCD projectors or TV monitors. Library is equipped with more than 2500 volumes of book and approximately 19 journals. Different measuring devices like megger, ammeter, wattmeter, voltmeter, etc.

The best electrical engineering college in West Bengal, OmDayal Group of Institutes has bus service from Kolkata via different routes for the students and faculties. Separate Hostel facility for boys and girls is available inside the campus with a proper canteen.

Basic Electrical Engineering

First activity: Introduction to basic safety precautions and mentioning of the do’s and Don’ts. Noting down list of experiments to be performed, and instruction for writing the laboratory reports by the students.

Group formation:

  1. Students are to be informed about the modalities of evaluation. 
  2. Introduction and uses of following instruments :
    • Voltmeter, Ammeter, Multimeter, Oscilloscope
    • Demonstration of real life resistors, capacitors with color code, inductors and autotransformer.
    • Calibration of ammeter and Wattmeter.
    • Determination of steady state response of R-L and R-C and R-L-C circuit and calculation of impedance and power factor.
    • Determination of resonance frequency and quality factor of series and parallel RC circuit
    • Open circuit and short circuit test of a single-phase transformer
    • Load test of the transformer and determination of efficiency and regulation

Electrical Machines

Electrical Machines Lab
  • Study of the characteristics of a separately excited D.C generator
  • Studies of the characteristics of a D.C shunt motor.
  • Speed control of a D.C motor.
  • Study of the equivalent circuit of a single-phase transformer.
  • Polarity test on single phase transforms and study of the different connections of three-phase transformer

Circuit Theory & Networks

Circuit Theory & Networks Lab
  • Transient response of R-L and R-C Network : Simulation using PSPICE / hardware
  • Transient response of R-L-C series and parallel circuits: Simulation with PSPICE / hardware.
  • Determination of Impedance (Z) and Admittance (Y) parameters of two port network: Simulation / hardware.
  • Frequency response of LP and HP filters: Simulation / hardware, Frequency response of BP and BR filters: simulation / hardware
  • Generation of Periodic, Exponential, Sinusoidal, Damped sinusoidal, Step, Impulse, Ramp signal using MATLAB in both discrete and analog form.
  • Determination of Lap lace transform and Inverse Lap lace transform using MATLAB. 8. Amplitude and Phase spectrum analysis of different signals using MATLAB.

Analog Electronic Circuits

Analog Electronic Circuits Lab
  • Study of characteristics curves of B.J.T & F.E.T .
  • Construction of a two-stage R-C coupled amplifier & study of it’s gain & Bandwidth.
  • Study of class A & class B power amplifiers. Study of class C & Push-Pull amplifiers.
  • Realization of current mirror & level shifter circuit using Operational Amplifiers.
  • Study of timer circuit using NE555 & configuration for monostable & as table multivibrator.
  • Construction & study of Bistable multivibrator using NE555.
  • Realization of a V-to-I & I-to-V converter using Op-Amps. Realization of a Phase Locked Loop using Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)
  • Study of D.A.C & A.D.C.

Industry Academia Tie Ups

Industry Academia Tie Ups

Collaboration between academia and industry is increasingly a critical component of efficient national innovation systems. It is useful to examine the experience of developed countries to better understand the different types of university-industry collaboration, motivations to form these agreements and barriers to cooperation, as well as the role of public policy in fostering such linkages. Developing countries face even greater barriers to such alliances, calling for a differentiated approach to promoting university-industry collaboration.



First First
  • Chemistry-I
  • Mathematics –IB
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Chemistry-I Laboratory
  • Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  • Engineering Graphics & Design
First Second
  • Physics-I
  • Mathematics –IIB
  • Programming for Problem Solving
  • English
  • Physics-I Laboratory
  • Programming for Problem Solving
  • Workshop/Manufacturing Practices
  • Language Laboratory
Second Third
  • Electric Circuit Theory
  • Analog Electronics
  • Electromagnetic field theory
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Mathematics-III
  • Biology for Engineers
  • Indian Constitution
  • Electric Circuit Theory Laboratory
  • Analog Electronics Laboratory
  • Numerical Methods Laboratory
Second Fourth
  • Electric machine-I
  • Digital Electronic
  • Power Electronic
  • Electrical and Electronics Measurement
  • Thermal Power Engineering
  • Values and Ethics in profession
  • Environmental Science
  • Electric Machine-I Laboratory
  • Digital Electronics Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  •  Thermal Power Engineering Laboratory
Third Fifth
  • Economics for Engineers
  • Electric machine-II
  • Power system-I
  • Control system-I
  •  Object Oriented Programming
  •  Power Plant Engineering
  • Electric machine-II lab
  • Power system-I lab
  • Control system-I lab
Third Sixth
  • Power System II
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller
  • Industrial Electrical System
  • Electrical Machine Design
  • Digital Control System
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Communication Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Power System II Lab
  • Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab
  • Electrical Machine Design Lab
Fourth Yr Seventh Sem (For old students)
  • Electric drive
  • Utilization of Electric power Optional Paper

    A. Power system-III
    B. Control system-III
    C. Electric Machine-III

  • Optional Paper II-:

    A. High voltage Engineering
    B. Power Plant Engineering
    C. Power generation and economics
    D. Renewable & Non conventional Energy

  • Optional Paper III-:

    A. Computer Network
    B. AI & Soft Computing
    C. Digital Communication
    D. Digital Image Processing

  • Seminar on industrial training
  • Electric Drive lab
  • Optional Lab I-:

    A. Computer Network
    B. AI & Soft Computing
    C. Digital Communication
    D. Digital Image Processing

  • Electrical system design-I
  • Project-I
Fourth Yr Seventh Sem (For new students)
  • Electric Drive
  • Professional Elective-I
  • Optional Elective-I
  • Optional Elective-II
  • Humanities
  • Electric Drive laboratory
  • Project stage-I
Fourth Yr Eighth Sem (For old students)
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Optional Paper I-:

    A. HVDC transmission
    B. Illumination Engineering
    C. Energy management & audit
    D. Digital Speech Signal Processing

  • Optional Paper II-:

    A. Power plant instrumentation & Control
    B. Sensors & Transducers
    C. Biomedical Instrumentation
    D. Process control

  • Project
  • Electrical system Lab-II
  • Grand Viva
Fourth Yr Eighth Sem (For new students)
  • Utilization of Electric Power
  • Professional Elective-I
  • Optional Elective-I
  • Project stage-II


Events and Activities

Events and Activities

Online Science Quiz Contest (OMEQUIZZARO-I)

The department organized Online Science Quiz Contest (OMEQUIZZARO-I) for the first time for 11th & 12th science students on 20th & 21st September, 2020 respectively. 153 students from numerous schools across the state enthusiastically participated in the quiz. The department charged no registration fees for the quiz. There were 3 prizes – Champion, 1st Runner up & 2nd Runner up. Certificates of Merit were given away for 4th to10th rank holders. Needless to say that the rest were distributed with participation certificates.

In 12th science category Acharya Adhya of Avinav Bharti High School of 11, Pretoria St, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071 came out to be the Champion. Swarnadipto Panja of Bagnan Adarsha Balika Vidyalaya clinched 1st Runner up title whereas Anusha Kundu of Bagnan Adarsha Balika Vidyalaya bagged the 2nd Runner up.

In 11th science category Neeladri Sekhar Halder of Vivekananda Mission School, Debadrita Dutta of Vivekananda Mission School and Amita Pal of Mukulan High School came out to be the Champion, 1st Runner up & 2nd Runner up respectively. Everything related to quiz was successfully conducted.

Parent Teacher Interaction Session (PTIS)

Like last year we organized PTIS this year too. It was on 8th February, 2020. To delineate a uniqueness, parents were felicitated with roses by their own children. Unlike a general PTIS where parents sit like mere silent audience we offered enough room to speak and we answered their queries one after another. Finally the session ended once all queries were resolved and parents parted us with rising hopes in mind for better future of their children. We trusted them. They trusted us, we believe.

Fig:- Parent Teacher Interaction Session organized by Electrical Engineering Department

Industrial Training & Visit

Industrial visit was organised for the 1st year and 2nd year EE students at West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited in Bidhannager Salt Lake on 9th February 2020.It is a 33kv/11kv receiving end substation having feeder 1 and feeder 2 with underground cable installation. Students got familiarize with the major equipments of substation, three 10MVA & two 6.3 MVA transformers, switch gear & protection equipments, essential components like isolators, insulator, bus bar, lightning arrestor, instrument transformer etc.

Fig: Industrial visit at WBSEDCL substation Bidhannagar, Salt Lake.

Participation of students in various competitions / seminar / events

Rajrajeswari Bag, Souvik Mondal and Shubhosree Mukherjee, students of 1st year Electrical Engineering were selected for participation in the poster Competition on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management (STEM-2020) organised by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal in association with Islamic University of Science & Technology, Jammu & Kashmir on 5th February, 2020.

Fig:- 1st year EE students at poster presentation competition organised by Makaut

Students of 1st year and 2nd year EE participated in the National Science Day, 2020 organized by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal on 28th February, 2020.

Fig:- 1st year EE students at National Science Day.

Students of 2nd year Electrical Engineering participated in a seminar on ‘Smarter Future with IOT’ at Centre for Data Science (CDS), JIS Institute of Advanced Studies and Research (JISIASR) Kolkata on 14th March, 2020.

Fig: 2nd Year EE students in the seminar at JISIASR

EXPLORA – 2020

MAKAUT, WB organized EXPLORA – 2020 on National Science Day on 28th February, 2020 for exhibition of innovative project. 2nd year Electrical Engineering students of our college designed project titled ‘Wireless Power Transmission System’. It is a matter of great pride that they bagged third position in the order of merit of the projects at university level. Student’s joy doubled when our VC saw the project, interacted with students and appreciated them. Prof. Swapan Kumar Majumder mentored the whole project.

Wireless Power Transmission SystemWireless Power Transmission System

Faculty Achievements

Prof. (Dr.) Arup Sinha presented a technical paper titled ‘Importance of Smart Grid Development in India’ in an International Conference – ISUW 2020 (India Smart Utility Week 2020) held from 3rd to 7th March 2020 in New Delhi. The paper has been accepted by ISUW.

Fig: Prof. (Dr) Arup Sinha at ISUW 2020, in New Delhi

Inter College Technical Quiz Contest

Department of Electrical Engineering, OmDayal group of Institutions organized Inter College Technical Quiz Contest 2k19 for the 2nd year students on 31st August 2019 in the ground floor seminar hall. Maximum participants from each College were seven. Prof. Shankar Prasad Ghosh,from CEM, kolaghat graced the chair of Chief guest in this event. Students from College of Engineering & Management, Kolaghat acquired 1st prize. The event was organized with the purpose of a brief assessment to look over the skills, abilities, and knowledge of students and to have a better idea of how much clarity they have regarding technical concepts, motivating them to study more and helping them allocate their study time effectively by focusing on the information that still needs more practice.

Fig: Inter College Technical Quiz contest 2k19

Intra College PPT Presentation Contest

Electrical Engineering Department organised Intra-College PPT Presentation Contest-2k19. It was held on 16th November, 2019 at the Institute’s 2nd floor seminar hall. The group participants of the contest were first year students from all departments. The ICPPC-2K19 encompassed the world of elemental engineering. The colourful group names were given to enlighten various groups and to honour the gifted scientists. Sisir Kumar Mitra group became the champion whereas Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy group and Chanchal Kumar Majumder group came out to be 1st and 2nd Runner up respectively. This contest is first of its kind in the college and it not only enhanced presentation skill and technical knowledge of students but also enriched ‘we feeling’ among inter-departmental students.

Fig: Intra College PPT presentation contest organized by Electrical Engineering Department

Faculty Achievements

Prof. Swapan Kumar Majumder participated in the AICTE sponsored Short Term Training Program on ‘Environmental Crisis and Sustainable Development’ held from September 2 to 7, 2019 organized by the Department of Chemistry, JIS College of Engineering, Kalyani.

Fig: Prof. Swapan Kumar Majumder at JIS College of Engineering, Kalyani

Prof. Swapan Kumar Majumder presented a paper titled ‘Random Grid Based Visual Secret Sharing (2,2) & (3,3)’ in international conference in ICIEMPS-2019 held in Kolkata at the LaLiT Great Eastern on 23rd & 24th November, 2019 organized by the Electrical Engineering Division, WBSC, IEI. The paper got published in International conference proceedings – ICIEMP 2019. ISBN: 978-81-942561-2-0.

Fig : Prof. Swapan Kr Majumder at ICIEMPS 2019, in Kolkata

Achievement of Students

Students of 2nd year EE won the 1st prize from the department of Electrical Engineering in the technical project exhibition at the technical fest organised by OmDayal Group of Institutions on 26th and 27th September, 2019.

Every year the Electrical Engineering Department of the best electrical engineering college in West Bengal, OmDayal Group of Institutes organizes one or two days industrial visit. The students of electrical engineering department of the best electrical engineering college in West Bengal, OmDayal Group of Institutes recently visited the substation of Uluberia industrial growth center rated 33/11 kv is a property solely under west Bengal state electricity development corporation (WBSEDCL) near our institutions accompanied by the faculties Prof. Dr Arup Sinha demonstrated the utility of a electrical substation on 15th June 2019. Various competitive events are held such as debate, quiz etc.


Parent Teacher Meeting

A Parent-Teacher Meeting was held on 25 January, 2019 at 12:05 p.m. in the ground floor seminar hall. Assistant Professor Swapan Majumder, TIC, Electrical Engineering Department presided over the meeting. Although PTM in engineering colleges is not very common, yet we tried for it. To make it unique we included students along with their parents in the meeting. Parents were extremely happy to get such a platform that they could ventilate themselves.

Industrial Visit to Canal Top Solar Power Plant

Our students visited the Canal Top Grid Type Hybrid Solar PV Power Plant located at Gate no.-6,Eco-Park, New Town, Kolkata on 28th September, 2018. It has power generation capacity of 500 kwp. The solar panels are being naturally cooled by water flowing through canal under it. This is really special in this sense.
Visiting such solar power plant is particularly important as the world is heading towards renewable energy sources and students could learn how the apparently useless space can be effectively used for benefit of mankind. It is presently maintained by Agni for New Town Kolkata Development Authority.


Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

Faculty Members

Faculty Members

Sl No. Name Designation Specialization Experience
1 Dr. Arup Sinha Professor and HOD Electrical Engineering Industrial – 18 yrs
Academic – 8 yrs
2 Swapan Majumder Assistant Professor and TIC Electrical Engineering Industrial – 20 yrs
Academic – 10yrs
3 Dipanjan Datta Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering Academic – 6yrs
5 Swarupa Ojha Assistant Professor Electronics & Communication Engineering Academic – 12yrs
6 Poulomi das Assistant Professor Electronics & Communication Engineering Academic – 9yrs
7 Shoumita pal Assistant Professor Renewable Energy Academic – 1yr
8 Siddhartha Roy Pro term Lecturer Electrical Engineering Industrial – 2 yrs
Academic – 4yrs
9 Rajkumar Karjee Pro term Lecturer Electrical Engineering Academics  – 5 years

Seminar, Conferences and Workshops attended by Faculty

Prof. Swapan Kumar Majumder TIC- EE participated in online FDP on “Participative Teaching Learning Methods Case Study Analysis” held from 15/03/2021 to 20/03/2021 organized byJNTUA School of Management Studies and Directorate of Faculty Development IQAC, JNTUA, Ananthapuramu.

Prof. Swapan Kumar Majumder TIC- EE participated in AICTE sponsored 6-days online Short Term Training program on “Business Analytics” held on 12th-17th October 2020 organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering( NBA Accredited ), MCKVIE.

Career Prospect

Career Prospect

Career Prospect and Opportunities of Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers usually work with large-scale electrical systems. Throughout their career, they work on a diverse range of technologies. After attaining the required academic qualification, there are an abundance of electrical engineering job profiles available for them on the basis of their knowledge and interests. An electrical engineer is responsible for designing and developing new electrical systems, test equipment and finds solutions to electrical problems and devices. These engineers work on multiple projects throughout their career. Electrical engineers can find a number of employment opportunities in various different sectors as given below-

Different Fields pertaining to Electrical Engineers-
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Design and Development
  • Engineering Research
Popular Job Profiles of Electrical Engineers-
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electrical Design Engineers
  • Electrical Maintenance Engineers
  • Power Plant Engineers
  • Instrumentation Engineers
Employment Opportunities of Electrical Engineers-
  • Electric Power Generating Stations
  • Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Companies
  • Indian Engineering Services
  • Indian Railways
  • Indian Defense
  • ONGC, Indian Oil etc.
  • Power Industries
  • Oil Refineries
  • Lighting Industries
  • Electrical Works Department
  • Technology Services
  • General Electric
  • Renewable  Energy

Placement / Internship

Placement / Internship

Name Organization working with Passout Year
Sahil Molla Team Everest 2022
Pradip Samanta Team Everest 2022
Souvik Maity Team Everest 2022
Rajrajeswari Bag Hamari Pehchan NGO 2023
Rajrajeswari Bag Campus Brand Ambassador – International Model United Nations 2023
Rajrajeswari Bag Subject matter Expert – Mad Educators 2023
Rajrajeswari Bag Subject matter Expert – Intellify  2023


Circuit Theory Lab
Digital Electronics Lab
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Machine Lab
Microprocessor Lab
Signal System Lab


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