Civil Engineers play a vital role in creating the man-made environment and in protecting the natural environment, bringing together science and art to create much of the tangible fabric of today’s society. They plan, design, construct, maintain, and manage airports, bridges, tunnels, buildings, harbour facilities, dams, highways, waterways, pipelines, sanitation systems, and other aspects of the built environment. The field of civil engineering is about community service, development and improvement, planning, design, construction, and operation of facilities essential to modern life.

Graduates of the Civil Engineering program from best civil engineering colleges in West Bengal may work as construction, environmental, geotechnical, hydraulic, structural, transportation, or water resource engineers. Students are taught to apply state-of-the-art computer technologies to the solution of problems in these areas, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to contribute to the betterment of tomorrow’s society.

The department has seven state-of-the-art laboratories. The department undertakes sponsored research and industrial consultancy

This objective is fulfilled by organizing field visits, organizing national seminars and workshop. The department also arranges expert lectures from the experienced techno craft from various organizations and institutes of repute.

Teaching is done in an industry-specific-way, which enables them to adapt the work-culture of industries easily. The department library, models, charts and video lectures on various topics add to the department resources and make the teaching learning process more effective.

A civil engineering degree from best civil engineering colleges in West Bengal prepares a professional to work in various engineering areas, from construction to communications, infrastructure etc. Civil engineers are involved with the design, development and construction of a huge range of projects in the built and natural environment. Their role is central to ensuring the safe, timely and well-resourced completion of projects in many areas, including highway construction, waste management, coastal development and geotechnical engineering. Consulting civil engineers liaise with clients to plan, manage, design and supervise the construction of projects. As contracting civil engineers, they turn the plans of consulting civil engineers (designers) into reality. . A Civil Engineering degree from best civil engineering colleges in West Bengal would be of great value in operational management, supply chain management, procurement, intellectual property, and logistics and after-sales management also.


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Laboratory Facilities: The Department has 7 fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratories supervised by experienced faculty members. There are trained technicians to help the students in performing the experiments. In order to give practical know-how to the students for the theoretical topics studied by them in the class room, various labs like Surveying lab, Geotechnical Engineering lab, Concrete Technology lab, Transportation Engineering lab, CAD lab, STAAD Lab and Environmental Engineering lab are fully set up with the latest equipment and facilities. The students can perform the entire practical on their own, keeping the track of latest trends in the field under the keen supervision of specialized faculties. The labs are one of the finest laboratory facilities for the aspiring Civil Engineering students.

Soil Mechanics

Soil Mechanics Laboratory

Description of the Lab:

The soil lab provides academic and research services through performing all lab tests needed for analysis and study of soil characteristics and its properties. This lab concentrates on foundation engineering with emphasis on soil sampling, shear strength measurements and site investigation.

Major Equipment:

Sl. No. Equipment’ Name No.
1 Soil hydrometer 1
2 Liquid limit device (Cassagrande Type) 1
3 Plastic limit apparatus 1
4 Shrinkage limit apparatus 1 set
5 Curt cutter apparatus with Dolly 1
6 Sand pouring cylinder 1
7 Direct shear apparatus 1
8 Triaxial shear apparatus 1
9 Vane shear apparatus 1
10 Permeability apparatus 2
11 Air tight container 12
12 Consolidation Apparatus 1
13 Proctor Compaction Mould with accessories 1 Set
14 Hot Air Oven 1
15 Unconfined compression tester 1
16 Electronic weighing balance 2
17 Relative density apparatus (Pycnometer) 1


Concrete Laboratory

Description of the Lab:

Materials testing are the process of pulling, bending, twisting, turning, hitting, and squeezing materials or components to make sure they withstand the intense stresses, strains and impact forces they are likely to experience in use and application. In other words, materials’ testing examines the overall strength, toughness, flexibility, suitability and fitness for purpose.  Compression and tensile testing are the oldest and most common materials tests performed. Concrete has relatively high compressive strength, but significantly lower tensile strength, and as such is usually reinforced with materials that are strong in tension. Compressive strength of concrete can be determined in this lab using Compression testing machine.  Non-destructive testing can be done with the help of Rebound Hammer. Concrete can also be prestressed (reducing tensile stress) using internal steel cables (tendons), allowing for beams or slabs with a longer span than is practical with reinforced concrete alone. Inspection of concrete structures can be non-destructive if carried out with equipment such as a Schmidt hammer, which is used to estimate concrete strength.

Major Equipment:

Sl. No. Equipment’ Name No.
1 Slump test Apparatus 1
2 Compaction factor test Apparatus 1
3 Laboratory Concrete mixture 1
4 Cube mould 5
5 Cylindrical mould 2
6 Le Chatelier mould 2Set
7 Le Chatelier flask 1
8 Gauging trowel 2
9 Measuring cylinder   1000 ml 2
10 Vicat needle apparatus 1
11 Water bath (650*300*175) 1
12 Vee – bee Consistometer. 1
13 Motorised Sieve shaker 1
14 Compressive Strength test apparatus. 1
15 Test sieve 90 micron dia. For Cement Test 1
16 Cleaning Brush 1
17 Digital balance (50 kg capacity & 10kg capacity) 1+1
18 Pycnometer 1
19 Enamel tray 4
20 Sieve set size 80,40,20,12.5,10, 5 (30cm dia) 1each
21 Sieve set size  4.75,2.36, 1.18, 600,300, 150 micron (15 cm dia brush made) 6 set
22 150 mm Dia brush made Pan and Lead for Sieve sets 1 set
23 Blain Air permeability Apparatus 1set
24 Specific Gravity Apparatus for Course Aggregate 1
25 Schmidt Rebound Hammer 1
26 Bulk Density Measuring Apparatus (3 ltr& 15 ltr) 1+ 1
27 Thermostatically Controlled Laboratory Curing Tank 1


Highway/ Transportation

Highway/Transportation Laboratory

Description of Lab:

Transportation lab consists of equipment used in the testing of bituminous materials such as viscosity, ductility and plasticity and other devices for super-pave testing of bitumen and aggregates. There are other devices for mix design by both Super pave and Marshall Methods. Aim of this lab is to understand the quality of aggregate and bitumen i.e. the primary material of road construction and finally to evaluate the quality of road.

Major Equipment:

Sl.No. Equipment’ Name No.
1 Los angle abrasion testing machine 1
2 Aggregate impact testing machine 1
3 Ring & ball apparatus 1
4 CBR Test Apparatus 1
5 Universal Penetrometer for Bitumen 1
6 Flash and Fire point apparatus (Pensky Martine Open Cup Type) 1
7 Benkelman’s Beam Apparatus 1
8 Dynamic Cone Penetration Apparatus 1
9 Dynamic Film stripping device 1
10 Length gauge 1
11 Thickness gauge 1
12 Electronic weighing machine 1

ring-and-ball-apparatus triaxial-testing-machine


Environmental Laboratory

Description of the Lab:

The Environmental Lab comprises of modern and technically advanced instruments needed for water and wastewater analyses. The lab has also many in-situ devices and equipment to perform different types of measurements and to take grab and composite water, wastewater samples. Primarily deals with physical, chemical and bacteriological analysis of portable water and sewage.

Major Equipment:

Sl.No. Equipment’ Name No.
1 Jar testing apparatus 1
2 Digital Turbidity Meter 1
3 Digital ph Meter 1
4 Vacuum Pump 1
5 Steam bath Apparatus 1
6 Distilled Water Plant 1
7 Hot Air Oven 1
8 Analytical Balance 1
9 Electronic balance 1
10 Conical flask & volumetric flask 5 + 20
11 Measuring cylinder 2
12 Desiccators with porcelain plate 2
13 Beaker 500ml capacity 8
14 Reagent bottle with stopper 25
15 Pipette Graduated type 40
16 Burette 10

jar-tester-apparatus electronic-balance


Geology Lab

Description of the Lab:

In Engineering geology lab, rock samples, mineral samples, models showing fault and fold, color and texture, feel properties, magnetism are available. Engineering Geology is a very important subject of Civil Engineering as it deals with the behaviour of rocks below the surface of the earth. Geological factors below the ground may affect the design, construction, operation and site selection of any project work especially for dams. Engineering Geologist investigate and provide geologic and geotechnical suggestions, analysis and design. Geologist may provide suggestions regarding earthquake analysis for buildings, bridges, dams etc. Stability of slopes, erosion of soil, flooding, dewatering and seismic investigation. Geological maps are also studied in Engineering Geology Lab to understand the history of rock formation in particular strata.

Major Equipment:

Sl. No. Equipment’ Name No.
1 Digital Binocular Microscope 1
2 Polarizing Petrological Microscope 1
3 MotiCam Digital Camera & Analytical  software 1
4 Moh’s Scale Hardness Kit Box 1 set
5 Clinometer Compass 1
6 Various collections of Geological Models 6 set
7 Projector and Computer. 1 set



CAD Laboratory

Description of the Lab:

AutoCAD is a software application for computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting. The software supports both 2D and 3D formats. In this lab the 37 advanced configured computers are provided to fulfill the needs of civil engineering students. It is useful in Building Planning and designing, drawing the elements and designs the components of buildings. These drawing files are also used to estimate the cost of any building may be residential, commercial, industrial, institutional or any other.

Major Equipment:

1) LCD Projector

2) Printer

3) Laptop

4) 30 No. of Computers.


Survey Laboratoey

 Description of the Lab:

Surveying is the process by which a surveyor measures certain dimensions that generally occur on the surface of the Earth. Surveying equipment, such as levels and theodolite, are used for accurate measurement of angular deviation, horizontal, vertical and slope distances. With computerization, electronic distance measurement (EDM), total stations, GPS surveying and laser scanning have supplemented the traditional optical instruments. This information is very important to convert the data into a graphical representation of the Earth’s surface, in the form of a map. This information is then used by civil engineers and contractors to design from, build on, and trade, respectively. Elements of a building or structure must be correctly sized and positioned in relation to each other and to site boundaries and adjacent structures.

Major Equipment’s:     

Sl. No. Equipment’ Name No.
1 Metric Chain (30mtr) 5
2 Metric Chain (20mtr) 3
3 Metric Tape (30 meter) 4
4 Steel Tape (10 meter) 1
5 Ranging Rod (dia 30mm) 15
6 Arrows 15
7 Optical Square 4
8 Prismatic Compass 6
9 Plane Table with stand accessories 6
10 Dumpy level with stand 5
11 Auto level 3
12 Vernier Theodolite (20 second) 6
13 Total Station (Digital SOKKIA 620K) with accessories 1




Description of the Lab:

STAAD is a software application for structural modelling and design of RCC and steel structure. In this lab the 37 advanced configured computers are provided to fulfill the needs of civil engineering students. It is useful in design for various kinds of residential and commercial buildings, bridges, trusses, trestle, and industrial buildings and so on.

Major Equipment:

1) STAAD Pro Vi8 Software

2) Industry Standard Drawing & Drafting Software

3) High Performance Desktop Computers

Water Resource Lab

Major Equipment:

Sl. No. Equipment Name Number
1 Rain Gauge 1
2 Double Ring Infiltrometer 1
3 Evaporimeter 1
4 Sunshine Recorder 1



1st 1st
  • Physics – I
  • Mathematics – IB
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Physics – I Laboratory
  • Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  • Workshop/Manufacturing Practices
  • Chemistry – I
  • Mathematics – IIB
  • Programming for Problem solving
  • English
  • Chemistry – I Laboratory
  • Programming for problem solving lab
  • Language Lab
  • Engineering Graphics and Design
2nd 3rd
  • Biology for Engineers
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Energy Science and Engineering
  • Mathematics – III
  • Effective Technical Communication
  • Introduction to Civil Engineering
  • Basic Electronics Laboratory
  • Computer aided Civil Engineering Drawing
  • Life Science Laboratory
  • Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
  • Introduction to Solid Mechanics
  • Soil Mechanics – I
  • Environmental Engineering – I
  • Surveying and Geomatics
  • Concrete Technology
  • Civil Engg.- Societal and Global Impact
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Solid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Engineering Geology Laboratory
  • Surveying and Geomatics Laboratory
  • Concrete Technology Laboratory
3rd 5th
  • Design of RC Structures
  • Engineering Hydrology
  • Structural Analysis – I
  • Soil Mechanics – II
  • Environmental Engineering – II
  • Transportation Engineering
  • RC Design Sessional
  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Transportation Engineering Laboratory
  • Computer Application in Civil Engineering
3rd 6th
  • Construction Engineering and Management
  • Engineering Economics, Estimation & Costing
  • Water Resource Engineering
  • Design of Steel Structures
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Structural Analysis – II
  • Soft Skills and Interpersonal Communications
  • Water Resource Engineering Laboratory
  • Steel Structure Design Sessional
  • Quantity Survey, Estimation & Valuation Sessional
4th 7th
  • Metro System and Engineering / ICT for Development
  • Hydraulic Structures
  • Prestressed Concrete
  • Air and Noise Pollution & Control / Physico-Chemical Process Water and Waste Water Treatment
  • Structural Dynamics / Advanced Structural Analysis
  • Railway & Airport Engineering / Pavement Design
  • Professional practice, Law and Ethics
  • GIS and Remote Sensing / Pavement Materials
  • Human Resource Development & Organisational Behaviour / Bridge Engineering / Deep Foundation
  • Soft Skills and Personality Development / earthquake Engineering / Urban Transport Planning

Events and Activities

Events and Activities


Four of our final year students undergoing Internship in the company ‘REMOTE SENSING INSTRUMENTS, HYDERABAD’ the consultancy agency at Howrah municipal corporation for the ‘Preparation of the GIS based Master plans’for six months.

Students are conducting several analytical studies and on-field surveys to collect the primary and secondary information necessary for the project.

Revit & Etabs Workshop organised by CE Dept on 29-02-2020

Like every academic year, Department of Civil Engineering of OmDayal Group of Institutions had organised a workshop on “INTRODUCTION TO REVIT & ETABS SOFTWARE” for empowering the departmental students with the knowledge of latest technologies which are currently being used in the field of construction and practical civil engineering to help themselves build up a better professional carrier in the process. The workshop was held on 29th February, 2020 in collaboration with EDUCADD, an organisation who provides professional training on various technology related software at the college campus in the STAAD Laboratory from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. The session was divided into two halves; morning session and post lunch session. Introduction to Revit Architecture Software was carried out in the morning session and introduction to ETABS software was carried out in the post lunch session. The sessions were very informative and enjoyable as per the feedback what we have collected from the students who had participated in the workshop and they also had expressed their interest to participate in more workshops like this in future organised by the department.

Some Glimpses of the workshop –

Departmental Student Participation in NSD Explora 2020

Like every year, this year also MAKAUT University had observed the National Science Day on 28th February, 2020 by organising a science and technology exhibition EXPLORA 2020 in its Haringhata, Nadia campus for message of importance of science and its applications among the student fraternity. MAKAUT, WB intends to encourage entrepreneurial spirit among its student and alumni community by providing a launching platform to this community in EXPLORA-2020 to display their technical talent and demonstrate their innovative ideas.

This year a project from our Civil Engineering Department named “SUSTAINABLE DRINKING WATER FROM RAIN WATER HARVESTING” mentored by Prof Kashinath Bose our departmental faculty and exhibited by three of our 3rd year 6th semester departmental students (RIDDHI MONDAL, CHETANA SEN, DULAL MARANDI) had participated in this event like every year. The project has collected many appreciations from honourable judges of the exhibition, respected visitors for the event and viewers there. Though, the project failed to gain any place among the top three projects selected by honourable judges, but definitely attracted attentions from many for commendable initiation and application of such ideas from entrepreneurship perspective.

Department of Civil Engineering is determined and duty bound to continue its pursuance towards achieving sustainable and better future for our nation through innovative projects and research in collaboration with our departmental students.

Some glimpses taken during the event are attached here with –

Sustainable Development, Engineering & Construction in the field of Civil Engineering

  • Preface –

Sustainability is defined the desire to perform activities without any depletion of resources or bringing any harmful effect on the environment. Practicing sustainable construction methods will help avoiding harmful effects from construction activities. Construction involves activities like use of building materials from various sources, use of machineries, demolition of existing structures, use of green fields, cutting down of tress etc. which can impact environment in one or more ways. Civil engineering field being the major part of the economy, it is very essential that sustainable construction practice dominate the past followed conventional construction practice and methods. Sustainability assessment of construction projects is essential to the fact that it does not create any harmful effects on the living ecosystem while optimizing the cost of construction. This is to ensure the availability of resources for the future generations.

  • Acknowledgement –

All members of the Civil Engineering department of best civil engineering college in West Bengal, Omdayal Group of Institutions and the students of the department have committed their sincere effort towards the success of the event but especially we would like to thank Prof. Gautam Bondyopadhyay and Prof. Kamrul Alam to coordinate the program.

  • Schedule –

The seminar was organized by our department to be held on 26th October, 2019 at the ground floor seminar hall in the college main building. Below is the schedule of the program –

10:30 AM – 10:50 AM –Inauguration session (Lamp Lighting ceremony by Principal, Vice Principal, HOD (CE) & Honorable Guests, Inaugural Speech by Principal, Vice Principal)

10:50 AM – 11:00 AM – Introductory speech by HOD (CE)

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM–Lecture on “Sustainable Engineering & Construction” by Dr. Kalyan Kr. Ganguly (Executive director, Development Consultants Pvt. Ltd.)

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM– Lecture on “Alternative/Renewable Energy for Today & Tomorrow “byMr. Raja Basu (Consultant, Project Initiator, Implementer Renewable Energy Sources)

1:00PM – 2:00 PM      Lunch Break

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM– Lecture on ”Sustainable Development& Vulnerability, How long we will Debate” by Mr. Tapas Ghatak (Advisor to KUSP, a project of DFID, Govt. of West Bengal)

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM – Lecture on “Repairing and retrofitting in Civil Engineering with Sustainable Design” By Dr. Partha Ghosh (Associate Professor, Construction engineering Dept., Jadavpur University, Kolkata)

The event was concluded with a note of thanks delivered by Prof. Gautam Bondyopadhyay at the end of the program.

  • Conclusion –

A key message resulting from the seminar was that there is a sense of opportunity around the sphere of emerging technology in the field of civil engineering and that the students should cooperate to make the most of these opportunities. During the session, distinguished delegates outlined their suggestions toward this message within their own organizations as well as on the areas of both policy and practice.

Seminar/Workshop organised

  • A one day seminar on’Emerging Technologies in Civil Engineering and Its Applications’ held on 30th March, 2019 .The event was organized by Department of Civil Engineering and supported by the Institution of Engineers India under the student’s chapter program. Distinguished guests like – Dr.Soumya Bhattacharjee (Associate Professor-IIEST), Mr. Joydeep Das (Executive Engineer– State Project Management Unit, WBADMIP, WRIDD, Govt. Of West Bengal.), Mr. Kaushik   Bhattacharya (working for WBADMI Project funded by World Bank under W.R.I.D.D. as Consultant – Technical support) and Dr. Tushar Kanti Dey (Associate Prof. and HOD in of C.E, Pailan College of Management & Technology.) enriched the event by delivering lectures . Prof. Gautam Bondyopadhyay presided over the event and Prof. Kamrul Alam coordinated it. Certificates were given at the end with a valedictory by Prof. Srijan Mukherjee.
  • A Technical workshop organized on ETABS software from 17/07/2018 to 24/07/2018 in association with Shaurya Innovation, Kolkata. Our college was the zonal centre of this workshop. The goal was to encourage undergraduate Civil Engineering students to acquire a vision in the field of Structural Design. After completion of course all the students have completed a G+5 Building Design in E-Tabs and certificates have been provided to them by the competent authorities.
  • A documentary “KOLKATA 2070” on Kolkata city and climate change was screened at our college on 1st of August 2018. It was presented by the Centre for Contemporary Communication and the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Kolkata.This program was organized by Civil Engineering Department, though all students of B.Tech participated. The initiative was financially supported by Federal Foreign Office, Berlin, and Germany. This helped the students to understand the importance of Environment and Climate change challenges.
  • A seminar on “MODERN DAY’S CONSTRUCTION METHODOLOGY & MANAGEMENT”: Modern construction techniques, importance of concrete technology, sustainable urbanization and wise use of natural resources, importance of bar bending schedule in construction was organized in our college by Civil Engineering department on 12th August, 2017. Mr. Pulak Chattopadhyay (Project Manager, L&T – Kolkata Metro) and Mr. Arun Chatterjee (Dy. Project Manager, L&T – Kolkata Metro) delivered their joint lecture on ‘The Modern MRTS-Elevated Metro’. A lecture on ‘Concrete Technology and its uses’ was delivered by Mr. K.K. Ganguly (Executive Director, M/s Development Consultants Limited). Tapas Ghatak (Former Head of Department-Environment Cell, Urban Development Department, Government of West Bengal, Urban Planning Advisor, GOI, GIS Expert) has delivered his lecture on ‘Sustainable Urbanization and wise use of Natural Resources…Are We compromising?’. Finally, Mr. Kunal Biswas & Mr.Arun Chatterjee described the last various application of ‘Bar Bending Schedule’.

Seminar/ Workshop attended or participated by faculty or students:

  • Surajit Chakraborty and Arkajit Dutta, student of fourth year and Kamrul Alam, attended a seminar on “Workshop Program on Transition to Low Carbon Cement Based Construction in India” on 04th Mar 2019 at MAKAUT Campus, Salt Lake.
  • Pritam Roy attended “Faculty Development Programme: Laboratory Practices on Civil Engineering Materials (Road Materials)” at NITTTR, Kolkata from 04/03/2019 to 08/03/2019.
  • Students from third and fourth year of CE Dept. participated in a one month Training Program on “Surveying Technique using Engineer’s Level, Dumpy Level, Theodolite, Total Station and drawing by AutoCAD” at National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (NSIC), Balitikuri, Howrah during January, 2019.
  • Students have participated in the Interview Preparation Workshop under CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) ER Education Excellence Forum 2018-19 at ODGI on 1st Feb 2019. This Workshop was very interactive and it was also immensely beneficial for all the participants. Students from each B.Tech departments participated in this 3days Interview Preparation workshop.

Competition participated by the students

Technical Exhibition held on “National Science Day in search of Entrepreneurial Talent” at MAKAUT, WB.

Topic: Future Transport System-Lifting Land Air Bus

Students are Demonstrating the Prototype to the Jury Members and Investors


Students of fourth year of CE Department, SubhajitBasak and SurajitChakroborty, successfully participated and presented their innovative project on “Future Transport System: Lifting Land Air Bus” in a technical exhibition on “National Science Day in search of Entrepreneurial Talent” that was organized by MAKAUT, WB in Haringhata campus on 28th February, 2019.

Presentation of the project prototype on “Rural Development through Technology and Tourism” in Regional Convention of the 2nd AICTE-ECI-ISTE ChhatraVishwakarma Awards 2018

Students of third year CE Department, ParthaSarathiMondal, NurHasanMondal, SujitBhakta and Saikat Paul, participated and presented their project on “Rural Development through Technology and Tourism” in Regional Convention of the 2nd AICTE-ECI-ISTE ChhatraVishwakarma Awards 2018 for Eastern Region that was scheduled on 2nd November 2018 and held at Techno International, New Town. The main objective of the project was to develop and strengthening the basic needs of villagers in hilly region of our country.

Industrial Training

Students of Civil Engineering Department (mainly sixth semester) have undertaken industrial training during semester break in the various govt. and non govt. organisations as indicated below:

  • Shapoorji Pallonji Group
  • Bridge & Roof Co. (India) Ltd
  • Simplex Infrastructure Ltd.
  • Stup Consultants Private Limited
  • N.T. Construction Limited
  • Ahluwalia Construction Pvt. Ltd.
  • Design & Research (I & WD), Govt. of West Bengal
  • Eastern Railway, Govt. of India
  • Contai Irrigation Dept., Govt. of West Bengal
  • PWD, Govt. of West Bengal
  • PHE, Govt. of West Bengal

Industrial Visit

  • One day Industrial visit to a construction site maintained by Alhuwalia Contsruction near Japani Gate, Baltikuri, Howrah

An industrial visit was organized jointly by National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (NSIC) and C.E. Department at a construction site maintained by Alhuwalia Contsruction near Japani Gate, Baltikuri, Howrah on 12th February, 2019.

  • Industrial visit to “The Riverbank Project, Batanager, Hiland Group- Solid Waste Management Site”

A one day Industrial visit to the Riverbank Project, Batanager, Hiland Group – Solid Waste Managementsite was organized on 20th August, 2018 to understand the mechanism of installed compost machines to treat the solid waste generated by residents and the concept to ensure zero garbage disposals from high-rises in and around the city.

  • Students have participated in the interaction program called “Senior Management Visit” organized by ODGI in association with CII on 14th August 2018. Mr George Thomas, Vice President – HR, MSP Steel & Power Ltd., addressed the students on various topics as ‘Campus Recruitments – How to Prepare Yourself, Prerequisites for facing Interview Board, Soft Skills, Tools for Personality Developments’ etc.
  • A one day Industrial visit at Ambuja Cement Plant, Dhulagarh was conducted by CII and best civil engineering college in West Bengal OmDayal Group of Institutions held on 17th April 2019 and fifteen number of students from Civil and Mechanical Engg. Dept. of ODGI had participated in this tour. The visit started with a video show for the description of various rules and regulations to be maintained at the site due to safety issues followed by a tour inside the site premises by a bus provided by the Ambuja Cement authority and ended at the main control office with the explanation of the working procedure of mixing and final packing of cement which is being followed there by one of the site engineer of the concerned authority. Students have experienced the various significant operations that play a major role in manufacturing and production of cement.

Survey Camp at Ghatshila, Jharkhand

A survey camp was successfully conducted by Civil Engineering Department at Ghatshila, Jharkhand for 2nd year students from 2nd Jan, 2019 to 5th Jan, 2019. This Camp was aimed to groom Civil Engineering students with essential practical knowledge and to expose them to the real work, and also to encourage leadership and teamwork skills.

Paper presentation by faculty and students

  • Anupam Ghosh attended ‘The 16th Symposium on Earthquake Engineering – 2018’ (16SEE -2018) at Department of Earthquake Engineering, IIT Roorkee and presented a technical paper on “Correlation between Structural Performance and Damage Index in RC Frame Buildings” on 20th and 22nd Dec, 2018.
  • Sharmistha Paul attended at “IAS 2018” organised by Indian Association of Sedimetologists at BHU Campus and presented a paper on “Constancy of Apical angle of fossil Physa of Intertrappean horizons of Madhya Pradesh and that of Recent Physa shell” on 12th Apr 2018.
  • Sharmistha Paul presented the abstract and poster in the Geological Fest programme “Prithvi- 2018” organised by Journal of Geological Society of America and Department of Geology and Geophysics, IIT Kharagpur on 06th June 2018.

Department of Civil Engineering (CE)

Projects from CE Dept:

  • Solar-Wind Bridge
  • Lifting Land Air-Bus: A Future Transportation System
  • Vertical Car Parking
  • Rotating Restaurant
  • Pavement Rehabilitation Technique: Cold In-Place Recycling
  • Tunnel Boring Method

Future plans in next academic session

Following are the various events that are going to be organized by Civil Engg. Dept. in next academic session:

  • One day visit at any Major Water Retaining Structure
  • Industrial visit at Sewage/ Water Treatment Plant
  • Workshops on Structural Design/ Project Planning Software
  • A one week Survey Camp.
  1. Departmental involvement in Voyage 2017

Best Projects of Voyage 2017 from CE Dept:

  • A Diverging Diamond Interchange Highway
  • Gravity Dam with Automatic Lock Gate
  • Various Types of Foundation
  • Sky Bus Metro (with Advanced Technology)


2. Seminar/Workshop attended or participated by faculty or students:

  • Srijan Mukherjee and Mr. Subrata Halder have attended “Faculty Development Programme: Surveying by Total station with DGPS” at NITTTR, kolkata from 18/12/2017 to 22/12/2017. 
  • Srijani Sett attended a seminar on “Awareness Workshop on Smart India Hackathon 2018” on 09/01/18 at Techno India College of Technology, Megacity, Newtown, Kolkata.
  • Five students of civil engineering department have attended 4 Work Day Programme from 5th February 2018 to 8th February 2018 at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata on ‘various fields of civil engineering including bridge, road construction techniques etc. and types of challenges a civil engineer has to face in construction works’ for the benefit of students/faculty of host institutes & of institutes located in the adjoining areas. 

3.  Competition participated by faculty or students:

Three students of our department,  Subrata Samai, Nawal Singh and Saswati Dey, have successfully participated and presented their research project on “Diverging Diamond Interchange” in “Anveshan: Student Research Convention” on 6th and 7th February, 2018 at MAKAUT, West Bengal under TEQIP-III. It was highly appreciated by Prof. Ajoy Ray (former Director,IIEST) and other visitors.

  • Srijan Mukherjee, Faculty of the CE department, have attended one day Faculty development programme on MXROAD with Open Roads Technology at Bentley Systems India Private Limited office on 03.08.17.
  • Subrata Samai (4th year) and Subhajit Basak (3rd year), students of CE Department were deputed for the event “Student Ambassador Meet” at Bentley Systems’ Kolkata Office on 6th of November, 2017. They also have attended a seminar on various software of Bentley and their usage on that day.
  • Many faculties and students of CE department have attended inter-operable sessions on “BIM Enabling Technology Solution for Road & U/G Utilities Sector : Complete End-to-End Technology Solution for Road Infrastructure” offered by BENTLEY.
  • Pampa Sen of Om Dayal Group of Institutions, Howrah has participated in one-day Workshop organized by AICTE & Clarivate Analytics on Aiming for Excellence: Pathways to Institutional Advancement through Research on February 27, 2018 at Aliah University, (Park Circus Campus), Kolkata 700014.

4.  Industrial Training

Students of Civil Engineering department (mainly 6th Semester) have undertaken industrial training every year during semester break in the various govt. and non govt. organisations as indicated below:

  • Larsen & Toubro Limited,
  • Simplex Infrastructure Ltd,
  • M/S K.N. Dadina Engineering And Technology Ltd
  • Bridge & Roof Co. (India) Ltd
  • N.C. Construction & Co
  • Ashoka Buildcon Ltd
  • Mackintosh Burn 
  • Public Works Dept, Nabanna, Howrah
  • Central Public Works Department,Kolkata
  • Westing House Saxby Farmer Ltd
  • Kolkata Port Trust
  • Stup Consultants Private Limited
  • Indian Oil Corporation

5.  Industrial Tour/Visit.

One day Industrial visit to Sewage Treatment Plant & Sewage Lifting station at Newtown, Action area IIB & IIC

One day educational tour at ‘Sewage Treatment Plant’ at Newtown to understand the practical knowledge of the Sewage management and treatment process, Construction methodology, Operation of the Plant and Concept of Plant Layout. This educational visit was conducted for the 6th and 8th semester students of Civil Engineering Department on 26/02/18 (Monday). The visit was performed by 40 students and 6 faculty members.

6. Paper presentation by faculty or student

       Mrs. Pampa Sen has attended at ‘International Conference on Environment, Health and Public Nexus – 2017’ (ICEHPN-2017) at Mysuru, Karnataka and presented a technical paper on 27th and 28th July,2017.

7.  Paper publication by faculty or student

Mrs. Pampa Sen has published the technical paper titled as ‘Eco-friendly performance with strength development in fibre reinforced concrete using jute fibre and fly-ash’.

8.  Consultancy Services provided by faculty & students

Consultancy Service provided at Sintex Factory: OPERATIONAL PROBLEM OF 12 TON HEATING CHAMBER ON RAIL AT SINTEX FACTORY ULUBERIA:Three members of Consultancy team (Prof. Srijan Mukherjee, Mr. Pritam Roy & Mr. Palash Das) of Civil Engineering department first visited on 18th of December, 2017 to visualise the problem and the team took level of the rail top to know the level difference of rail at various spots to understand the cause of the ruptured axle. Subsequently, Prof. Gautam Bondyopadhyay and Prof. Suprovat Chattopadhyay visited the site on 20th of December, 2017 to study the problem further. Detailed report with Remedial Solution was submitted to M/S SINTEX on 23/12/2017.

9. Future plans  in next academic session.

A 36 Hrs software training programme on ETABS software will be introduced in training for the students of Civil Engineering Department of the best civil engineering college in West Bengal, OmDayal Group of Institutions for career advancements. It is the ultimate integrated software package for the structural analysis and design of buildings. From the start of design conception through the production of schematic drawings, ETABS integrates every aspect of the engineering design process. An introductory seminar on “ETABS software training” has been already arranged by Civil Engineering Dept. with the help of Shaurya Innovation (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. on 26th April 2018 for the interested students.

Another workshop on “Microsoft Project Management” or “Primavera” software can also be conducted in next academic session. These softwares are required to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads.

Faculty Profile

Faculty Profile

Faculty Members

Faculty Members

Sl No. Name Designation Specialization Experience
1 Gautam Bondyopadhyay Assistant Professor & T.I.C. Construction Management & Material Management, CE Industry – 37 Years
Teaching – 6 Years
2 Mrinal Mukherjee Assistant Professor Structural Engg., Environmental Engg., CE Industry – 36 Years
Teaching – 7 Years
3 Kashinath Bose Assistant Professor CE Industry – 32 Years
Teaching – 3 Years
4 Kushal Kumar Sen Assistant Professor CE Industry – 35 Years
Teaching – 1 Year
5 Sk. Kamrul Alam Assistant Professor Geotechnical Engg., CE Industry – 1 Year
Teaching – 2 Years
6 Anupam Ghosh Assistant Professor Structural Engg., CE Teaching – 1 Year
7 Sayantika Giri Assistant Professor Applied Geography Teaching – 1 Year
8 Palash Das Technical Assistant Survey Engg. & Geoinformatics, CE Industry – 1 Year
Teaching – 7 Years
9 Pritam Roy Technical Assistant AutoCAD, GIS, CE Industry – 10 Years
Teaching – 7 Years
10 Bidyut Kumar Ghosh Technical Assistant CE Industry – 40 Years
Teaching – 6 Years

Research Publication

Prof. Kashinath Bose

List of Publication

  • Bose, K., & Buddhadeb, G. (2017). Problems of Sustainable Water Resources : Rooftop Rainwater harvesting. Kolkata : Research Gate.

Prof. Sk. Kamrul Alam

List of Publication

  • Alam, S.K., Mondal, A. & Shiuly, A. “Prediction of CBR Value of Fine Grained Soils of Bengal Basin by Genetic Expression Programming, Artificial Neural Network and Kriging Method”. J GeolSoc India, 95, 190–196 (2020), Springer.
  • Alam, S.K., Mondal, A. & Shiuly, A. “Prediction of CBR Value of Fine Grained Soils of West Bengal region By Linear-regression analysis”, Proceedings of International Conference on Energy and Sustainable Development (ICESD-2020), February 14-15, 2020 Jadavpur University and The Institution of Engineers, India.

Prof. Anupam Ghosh

List of Publication

  • Correlation between Structural Performance and Damage Index in RC Frame Buildings by A. Ghosh and S. Choudhury

Seminar, Conferences, Workshops and Tarining attended by Faculty

Prof. Kashinath Bose

Seminar Attended :

  • Chandannagar Municipal Corporation, Topic : Smart City, Attended as a speaker of Rainwater Harvesting Project.
  • Serampore College : Topic : Rainwater Harvesting. Attended as a speaker.
  • Serampore Girls College : Topic : Rain water Harvesting, Attended as speaker.
     Frequently, attends as Guest Lecturer in Administrative Training Institute, Govt of West Bengal, Salt Lake City, Kolkata.

Prof. Sk. Kamrul Alam

Seminar/Conference/Tarining Attended :

  • International conference on energy and sustainable development (ICESD 2020), Jadavpur University and The Institutions of Engineers, India, Jadavpur, February 14-15, 2020.
  • 2nd Higher Education Conclave, “Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Higher Education”, Confederation of Indian Industry, Eastern Region, Kolkata, August 17, 2019.
  • 2nd Globalised Education Forum, “Feedback & suggestions from academia and Industry towards a realistic action plan, implementing the outline of the New Education Policy”, Indian Chamber of Commerce, JW Marriott, Kolkata, November 8, 2019.
  • Seminar on “Emerging Technologies in Civil engineering and its Applications”, OmDayal Group of Institutions, Uluberia, Howrah, March 30, 2019.
  • Seminar on “Sustainable development, Engineering & Construction in the field of civil Engineering”, OmDayal group of Institutions, Uluberia, October 26, 2019.
  • Seminar on “Carbo Concrete”, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, Kolkata.
  • Short Term Training Programme on “NBA Accreditation and SAR Preparation” NITTTR, Kolkata, 4th May’20 – 8th May’20.
  • Short Term Training Programme on “Fundamental Concepts of Geotechnical Engineering”, NITTTR, Kolkata, 15th June – 19th June, 2020.
  • Online Course on “Examination Reform Policy”, All India Council of Technical Education, 28th Apr – 1st May, 2020.

Prof. Anupam Ghosh

Seminar/Conference/Tarining Attended :

  • 16th Symposium on Earthquake Engineering, December 20 – 22, 2018 at IIT Roorkee, India
  • STTP Training by NITTTR : NBA accreditation and SAR Preparation from 4th May – 8th May, 2020
  • STTP Training by NITTTR : Principles of RCC Design up to & beyond Limit States, Applications and Limitations of IS : 456-2000 from 16th September – 20th September, 2019

Mr. Pritam Roy

Seminar/Conference/Tarining Attended :

  • Participated in a Short Term Training Program (STTP) on “Skill Assessment in Laboratory and Guiding Student’s Project”, organised by NITTTR, Kolkata, from 20th April to 24th April, 2020.
  • Participated in a Short Term Training Program (STTP) on “Philosophy of Design as per IS 456 : 2000” organised by NITTTR, Kolkata, from 27th April to 1st May, 2020.

Career Prospect

Career Prospect

The degree holders of civil engineering from best civil engineering colleges in West Bengal plan design and supervise construction of facilities essential to modern life. These facilities vary widely in nature, size and scope including space satellites and launching facilities, offshore drilling structures, bridges, buildings, highways and other transport systems, tunnels, airport, dams, harbors and other infrastructure. A civil engineering degree from best civil engineering colleges in West Bengal prepares you to work in various engineering areas, from construction to COMMUNICATIONS infrastructure. Today’s civil engineers face the challenge of creating structures which at times seen to defy gravity, defy engineering science and even defy logic. Yet, these amazing structures are firmly based in scientific principle; seeming to bend scientific laws to meet the needs of the Architecture. Roles are available in both engineering organizations and other industries. Civil Engineering (CE) graduates from best civil engineering colleges in West Bengal are also valued in commercial and corporate sectors such as finance, banking and accountancy.

As mankind strives to build bigger buildings, utilizing living and working space better, civil engineers will face new challenges in making structures which are stronger, more resistant to natural disaster and have greater capacities. This is a growing field, where the challenges are increasing as mankind stretches the envelope of our existing materials science.

  • Construction Engineering – Construction engineers plan executes and manages the designs from structural, transportation and environmental engineers.
  • Structural Engineering- Structural engineers design all types of structures like multistoried buildings, bridges, towers etc.
  • Geotechnical Engineering- Geotechnical engineers design foundations for structures, retaining walls, subgrades for highway and airport pavements, and soil fills for dams and embankments. They design tunnels and offshore drilling platforms.
  • Transportation Engineering- Transportation engineers are involved with planning, designing, construction, operation, and maintenance of the transportation infrastructure like highways, railways, airports etc.
  • Water Resource Engineering-These engineers deal with the design and construction of hydraulic structures which includes dams, canals and water distribution system.
  • Environmental Engineering- Environmental engineers design, plan, and implement measures to prevent, control, or remediate environmental hazards. They work on waste and wastewater treatment and pollution control technology.
  • Sustainable Engineering
  • Safety Engineering,
  • Quantity Surveying and
  • Urban & Town Planning
Achievement of students
  • The academic excellence that two of our students Ms.Tasneem Ali and Mr.Bhaskar Das got conditional offer letter for admission in globally recognised one of the best universities University of Leeds to pursue post graduation in “MSC in Sustainable Cities” and “MSC (Eng.) in Transport Infrastructure: Design and Construction ” respectively.
10. Achievement of few departmental students
Name of the student B tech Batch Higher Education Present Employment History Present LOCATION
DETAILS OF COMPETITIVE EXAM 2018-19 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14

Placement / Internship

Placement / Internship

Name of the Students Organization Working with Pass out Year
Riddhi Mondal RSI Softech India Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad As intern 2021
Sanjukta Koley RSI Softech India Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad As intern 2021
Chetana Sen RSI Softech India Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad As intern 2021
Dulal Marandi RSI Softech India Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad As intern 2021
Niladri Das Irrigation & Waterways Department, W.B Govt. 2020
Suman Chatterjee K & J Projects Pvt. Ltd. 2020
Partha Sarathi Mondal Ghosh Construction 2020
Monisha Chattoraj Jangipara Govt. ITI College 2020
Parichita Parai RSI Softech India Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad As intern 2020
Saikat Paul Acropola Engineering & commerce 2020
Arpita Kundu RSI Softech India Pvt Ltd. Hyderabad As intern 2020
Mithilesh Bhakta S Kumar Associates 2020
Rajashree Das Arcadia Construction 2020
Bhaskar Biswas Pioneer Packaging Industry Ltd. 2020
Saharukh Dalal Pioneer Packaging Industry Ltd. 2020
Nur Hasan Mondal Creative Forum Pvt. Ltd. 2020
Amit Maity S.B. Construction  & Company 2020

Alumni Talk

Alumni Talk

Amit Maity

Amit Maity

Alumni 2020 working at S.B. Constriction Pvt. Ltd.

My overall college experience has been fantastic and more enjoyable. This is because, the faculties of our department are very professional, responsible, friendly and understanding to any needs that you may have. I don’t think this is college because they guided us as like home.The facilities of the college are very good as you can use all the facilities like library, seminar hall, labs, canteen etc. We enjoyed and learned from the cultural & technical festival hold every year.

Tasneem Ali

Tasneem Ali

Alumni 2019, Pursuing Masters in University of Leeds
Pursuing Masters in University of Leeds

I am currently pursuing MSc in Sustainable Cities at the University of Leeds and completed my undergraduate from OmDayal Group of Institutions in Civil Engineering. This College has been one of my best experiences so far and I’m thankful to the college for making me come across such wonderful and amazing teachers and friends!

Tanmoy Maity

Tanmoy Maity

Alumni 2016 Working at S. M. Consultants, Hyderabad

My college helped me to improve analytical ability and problem solving approach. This was possible because of the curriculum, faculties and opportunities. Faculty members were very helpful for carrier development. Laboratory facilities are also excellent. These help to unveil the best out of every student. Other departments also give exposure to relevant industries. Different kinds of students’ activity give a platform to showcase their talents. Students also get opportunity to take part in national level seminars and technical competitions. I feel proud to be the part of Civil Engineering Dept. at ODGI.

Sourav Bera

Sourav Bera

Alumni 2015 Working as Sr. Engineer at Mumbai Metro Projects Kalpataru Ltd.

 “It all went by in a flash”. My time as an undergraduate student in civil engineering at ODGI was rewarding beyond belief, with wonderful balance of knowledge, skills, fun and friendship.The education which I received enabled me to combine my unique skill set, strong fundamentals in Civil engineering and Project Management skill to adapt to a fun and challenging work environment.

“The best teachers will not give you something to drink, they will make you thirsty. They will put you on a path to seek answers”- teachers here work close with their students, which allow them to understand their strengths and difficulties of each individual, they are very caring and interested in student’s well-being. I convey my sincere and honest thanks to all the faculty members of my department for their valuable, timely support. I am a proud alumnus of ODGI.

Saddam Hossain

Saddam Hossain

Alumni 2015 working at Hitachi Ltd, Aramco. Saudi Arabia

Studying at ODGI changed my life. I received great education in my particular field of study. I also learned professional values for which I am extremely grateful. I am very much thankful to my departmental teachers who gave me encouragement and support which lead to work in world top oil and gas refinery Company Soudi Aramco.


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Tech – Fest 2017



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