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  • Soumyasri Gorai Thumbnail
    Soumyasri Gorai Alumni: 2019 Course: B.Tech in C.S.E. Working at Infosys, Bengaluru My study of B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering at OmDayal Group of Institutions was my best period in life. It brought clarity of my thoughts, knowledge. It gave me the courage and conviction to achieve my goals. Today my job as a web designer at Infosys, Bengaluru has been due to the quality of teachers and their friendly attitude and the knowledge that I gathered from them.
  • Amit Maity Thumbnail
    Amit Maity Alumni: 2020 Course: B.Tech in C.E. working at S.B. Constriction Pvt. Ltd. My overall college experience has been fantastic and more enjoyable. This is because, the faculties of our department are very professional, responsible, friendly and understanding to any needs that you may have. I don’t think this is college because they guided us as like home.The facilities of the college are very good as you can use all the facilities like library, seminar hall, labs, canteen etc. We enjoyed and learned from the cultural & technical festival hold every year.
  • Soumili Koley Thumbnail
    Soumili Koley Alumni: 2020 Course: B.Tech in C.S.E. Working at Capgemini India Whoever I’m, whatever I’m doing right now is just because of my College and my faculty members. Not only after college, I’ve done so many things in my four years of College. I’ve done one project which was beyond our syllabus and I was not trained on that technology as well but I did and I succeeded just because of my professors, their help and their encouragement. I’ve competed in “The Rising Studentpreneuers 2020 The Annual Idea Hunt” organized by Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry and my idea was selected among the best 10 ideas of West Bengal. I’m and I’ll always be thankful to my college and my professors. I’ll always make sure that I’ll always make them feel proud.
  • Aniket Ghosh Thumbnail
    Aniket Ghosh Alumni: 2020 Course: B.Tech in C.S.E. Working at TCS I have good experience with OmDayal Group of Institution. It has provided me a wonderful environment and opportunity to learn and grow myself academically. Each of the faculty members of my department helped me with my ups and downs and shaped me into a better, responsible and successful person. The ambience of the college has always been so positive and encourages learning.
  • Aharna Laha Thumbnail
    Aharna Laha Alumni: 2020 Course: B.Tech in C.S.E. Working at Zensar Technologies Ltd. College allows all students to dive deep into the ocean of new beginnings andpossibilities and provides the most interesting life stages and allows us toexplore. We meet different people, interact with them, learn about their differentcultures, and grow as a sensible person. Our faculty always ready to help usand covers any of our confusion regarding our studies. They support me alltimes to go ahead towards my aim. Yes, along with my parents, my school and college both are equally responsible for today what I am.
  • Sourav Patra Thumbnail
    Sourav Patra Alumni: 2020 Course: B.Tech in C.S.E. Working at Zensar Technologies Ltd. I have passed B.Tech in Computer Science from this college in 2020. The infrastructure of the college is very good. Faculties are very helpful. They are always ready to help the students.
  • Sumana Banerjee Thumbnail
    Sumana Banerjee Alumni: 2019 Course: B.Tech in C.S.E. Working at TCS, Kolkata I would like to thank OGI and all faculties of CSE Department for their constant support and guidance. I am highly thankful to the college for providing me the opportunity to show my talent and boost my confidence.
  • Cupid Chakma Thumbnail
    Cupid Chakma Alumni: 2019 Course: B.Tech in C.S.E. Working at weDevs, Bangladesh I appreciate the opportunity that has been given to allow me to reach my full potential at OmDayal Group of Institutions. The CSE Faculty has reminded me that anything is possible if I continue persisting, striving for excellence. The Teachers have encouraged me, even more, to continue to work hard so that I am able to reach my goals.
  • Kaustav Hazra Thumbnail
    Kaustav Hazra Alumni: 2019 Course: B.Tech in C.S.E. Working at Codeclouds, Kolkata I am blessed being a part of OGI. The Institution provides what a student actually needs. I want to thank the Management, Faculty and the CSE Department who work across for the well being of our Career. It’s been the best 4 years of my life!
  • Koushik Dwary Thumbnail
    Koushik Dwary Alumni: 2019 Course: B.Tech in M.E. Working at SMC Pneumatic India Pvt. Ltd, Pune The past four years of my college life gave me greater vision of my future. It has only been possible for all of our faculties and college environment. Our college labs are fully equipped which have been helped me get good knowledge about machines and this knowledge is really helped me to get this job. I really feel great to become a part of this college.
  • Abhishek Chatterjee Thumbnail
    Abhishek Chatterjee Alumni: 2019 Course: B.Tech in C.S.E. Working at CTS, Kolkata ‘Be thankful for the hard times, for they have made you.’ I would like to thank the entire OGI family for their guidance and support throughout this journey. I would like to thank my Teachers for improving my personality, the entire OGI Team for providing me this platform and my Parents who made me who I am today.
  • Tasneem Ali Thumbnail
    Tasneem Ali Alumni: 2019 Course: B.Tech in C.E. Pursuing Masters in University of Leeds I am currently pursuing MSc in Sustainable Cities at the University of Leeds and completed my undergraduate from OmDayal Group of Institutions in Civil Engineering. This College has been one of my best experiences so far and I’m thankful to the college for making me come across such wonderful and amazing teachers and friends!
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