Career development, an aspect of human development, is the process through which an individual’s work identity emerges. Students often seek out assistance when they are trying to choose a job for the first time. Many of them always in a dilemma whether they should go for a job or pursue higher study. Career guidance plays a pivotal role in these situations. Career guidance and counseling not only helps the students to find out the jobs also help them to get motivated for searching better to best opportunities. Career Guidance and Counseling tries to find out the talents from the individuals and advices to explore the potentiality in such a way so that after a certain time the individual stands in the threshold of a decent job profile.

At OmDayal Group of Institutions, Career Guidance and Counseling goes with academics simultaneously. These are the activities

  • Broadening knowledge, skills, and abilities by sharing different types of hands on training, videos, presentation etc.
  • Improving decision making skills
  • Increasing self-esteem and motivation
  • Building interpersonal effectiveness by different types of group activities
  • Maximizing career opportunities by giving different types of placement opportunities
  • Promoting effective job placement
  • Strengthening employer employee relations