Alumni Coordination Cell of OmDayal Group of Institutions aims to reconnect our former students to their alma mater, maintain a life-long connection and to have sustained excellence in education through interaction of the alumni, current students and faculties.

With dedicated chairman, coordinator, members and students, the cell works to build an unforgettable Institute experience through a diversity of events, programms and services.

Vision of the Cell

This cell renders a platform to foster strong bonds among the alumni, current students and the Institute and also provides an opportunity to stay abreast with the activities of the Institute

  • To create and maintain continuous communication between the Institute, past and present students.
  • To reinforce Industry-Institute-Interface and stimulate related activities for the benefit of students.
  • To pursue and sustain excellence in education through interaction between the alumni, faculty and students.

Alumni Activities

  1. To conduct reunion or alumni meet once a year. During that period cultural programs and various events can be organized. Reunion gives a platform to the former students to interact with existing students. Further when they stroll round the college campus they can get back to their old memories.
  2. To invite the alumni during college sports. It renders a ‘we feeling’ and they themselves get rejuvenated.
  3. To invite the alumni in the college fest. Passed out students come and derive a great deal of joy watching various musical band’s performance. Besides, college too organizes various heart catching events like singing, face painting, fashion show etc. during the fest.
  4. To invite some Alumni who have excelled in different fields during college seminars and workshops.
  5. To invite the alumni in the technical exhibition of the college. Former students can see our technical creations of the existing college students and can interact with them. During the exhibition the alumni can share their industrial experience with the budding engineers and architects.

Reaching the Alumni

Our college is presently using ‘Alma Connect’to reach out the alumni.Alma post is used to disseminate information about various college events.


Our college has proposed to conduct Reunion or Alumni Meetin the month of Jan /Feb 2018. Besides, college invites the alumni during sports, cultural fest, tech fest, seminars, workshops etc.